Quality control: be compliant with packaging regulations

Esko Platform For Brands helps marketing teams guarantee compliance.

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Comply with all applicable regulations

Companies use the Platform to make sure that both packaging and marketing assets comply with all applicable regulations (like the FDA regulations, for instance).

Dedicated and automated comparison and review of spelling, proofing , bar codes, braille and more makes marketing material and packaging inspection and proofing straightforward and safe.

Quality assurance

Asset development can be challenging with multiple departments and stakeholders all taking a role, making it difficult to ensure that materials you can read are correct, let alone braille or bar codes that most cannot decipher.

Esko Platform For Brands supports background quality assurance tools that will automatically run whatever digital file is desired through a full check for spelling, text, bar codes and braille.

Manage regulatory content

Artwork approval

Ever had the wrong regulatory content on your packaging?

Do you translate the same content each time for every SKU?

The manual copy-paste workflow, typically used to apply content to packaging is time consuming and leaves too much room for error. Food packaging regulation is very strict and Esko Platform for Brands helps to comply with consumer packaging and labelling regulations.

Esko Platform for Brands redefines packaging artwork creation. Online copy collation, approval and translation become straightforward.

A smart suite of artwork creation plug-ins for Adobe® Illustrator® drive the content into the artwork, removing liability risk. The content owner controls the content. Style & layout responsibility stays with the artwork agency. This is brand management software at its best.

Adding Automation to the mix brings the possibility to automate version creation and content updates, bringing even more speed to the process.

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