Are you ready for the new US and Canadian Nutritional Facts Tables regulations?

The biggest regulatory change to hit packaging in the last 20 years for North America has been finalized.

The iconic Nutritional Facts Table, seen on all food and beverage products sold in the US and in Canada, are changing – and all companies must comply by updating every piece of packaging that contains a nutrition facts table. Compliance dates are in flux but what is not in doubt is that these changes will need to happen.

How to update your packaging for FDA nutritional facts tables compliance?

Update packaging quickly and accurately

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Tackling this enormous challenge

This is an enormous challenge for food and beverage manufacturers and the overall packaging supply chain, and Esko is here to help.

While this is a challenge, it is also an opportunity to take a long hard look at your packaging process. While this is just the most recent regulatory change, there are more regulations coming, specifically GMO labeling with instructions due from the United States Department of Agriculture in the next 2 years.

United States
Label comparison
FDA Label Comparison Canada

Future FDA changes

Are you prepared for future changes

Think about how challenging it may be for your company to implement this change, and ask yourself; “are we properly prepared to address this, and future changes in an agile way?” This is a chance to have your company roll with these upcoming regulatory changes instead of them being a wrench in the wheel.

How Esko helps

Esko is working in a number of ways to support food and beverage manufacturers and the rest of the packaging supply chain with compliant software, processes and standards:

  1. New software to easily create updated nutritional templates and the capability to instantly merge your new nutritional data into your packaging artwork, right in your design software of choice.
  2. Nutritional content review workflows that automatically route new nutritional information and tables for transparent and speedy approvals.
  3. Subject Matter Experts, that can conduct audits of your operation, and advise on the best way to tackle this, and future regulatory changes.
  4. Esko is working with manufacturers and the GS1 organization to ensure that existing standards take into account these changes and can be used to exchange nutritional data between systems.

We at Esko are well prepared to support food and beverage manufacturers having just assisted European Union companies in complying with new nutritional labeling in the past few years with (EU) No 1169/2011.

To help, we will be announcing webinars and providing informational materials to assist with this process. If you would like to be notified when these are available, please contact a specialist.

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For complete information on the new US FDA Nutritional Fact Table regulations please click here.
For complete information on the new Canadian Nutrition Fact Tables please click here.

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