Collaboration software for your packaging workflow

The packaging supply chain is complex and requires coordinated effort from an entire team of internal and external stakeholders. All these stakeholders have to work together, under extreme pressure, to design and deliver innovative packaging, on time and on budget.

How brands go to market faster

How brands can go to market faster & more efficiently

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Workflow collaboration: keeping everyone informed & aligned

One of the biggest challenges in the packaging workflow is keeping everyone informed and aligned.

From misunderstandings about design intent to using the wrong version of a file, problems caused by poor communication and collaboration are frustrating and costly.

Esko Platform for Brands comes with WebCenter: collaboration software for brand management. It helps all players in packaging development and production, communicate effectively.

By controlling the files, information, people and processes, WebCenter keeps all the players in the packaging supply chain aligned via workflow tasks, notifications and conversations. WebCenter is the only collaboration software with packaging at the heart.

Collaboration software for your packaging workflow

Collaboration software for the supply chain management

With parts of the packaging supply chain being performed by different people, in different departments, at different companies around the world, keeping everyone on the same page is a real challenge. Global teams can struggle to work together and with external suppliers.

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