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Automated workflows

Esko Platform for Brands comes with automated workflows, based on the type of project or content. These workflows route packaging and marketing materials for review and approval, enabling collaboration between diverse teams, quality control checks, and integrated content management.

Mirroring existing business processes, the Platform captures the way you do business and automates the process.

Create audit trails

Create audit trails

Jobs are routed in the background for design and review, ensuring that the right people see the right materials at the right time for review and comment.

No more emailing files back and forth; no longer puzzling over whether your legal staff has reviewed materials for compliance. The system takes care of the mundane tasks and tracks all comments, creating an audit trail.

Packaging development processes under pressure

Creating and producing packaging assets has become an increasingly complex process. The continually increasing number of regulations affecting consumer products (font sizes, regulated tables & symbols...) put extra pressure on an industry that is looking to innovate the way packaging is produced. The packaging process has to take international rules and guidelines into account. Read more about packaging development.

Packaging development processes under pressure

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