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Esko Platform For Brands is a 24/7 packaging artwork management system.

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Reduce mistakes

Packaging allows for very few mistakes, and this strongly contrasts with the rather creative approach taken at the beginning of the project.

There is usually a lot of work duplication happening between the design and artwork stages as the designers are typically making a conceptual file that will need to be turned into a master artwork file with correct image resolutions, fonts, ink separations etc.

In fact, often the file will be completely recreated from scratch, complete with technical elements because this is quicker than modifying the original design concept file.

Reduce mistakes
Take control

Take control with artwork management software

An artwork management system needs to enable you to take control of this process. This way you can reduce duplication and optimize this process while increasing the scope for creativity & innovation.

Once this master artwork file is approved this stage of the process is also where the many languages / variants are added to create regional artwork files. This is typically a time consuming process, involving interpreting the copy documents and copy/pasting the relevant content to the artwork file.

A successful artwork management system combined with an online artwork approval system should enable you to make significant improvements in this area. Digital specification and communication of copy text will reduce the potential for errors. It will also remove the liability risk involved in this highly regulated area of packaging.

Online artwork approval

Securing reviews and approvals from everyone is a major source of delays in packaging. With your packaging workflow spread around the globe and an increasing number of packaging components, the routing of physical proofs and comps is simply not a sustainable solution. It’s expensive and requires too many people to manage.

You need an online solution with a digital approval workflow that reaches everyone, no matter where they’re located, what time zone they’re in or what language they speak. Artwork approval becomes easy and traceable with Esko Platform For Brands’ approval tools. All team members are able to contribute their comments and approvals securely and efficiently. You determine the approval workflow, no matter how complex or simple.

Notifications and reminders are sent via email to all your approvers with a link directly to the files they need to review. Approvals can even be staged where the approval moves from person to person automatically.

Artwork approval

“This is our preferred approval decision-making tool. All parties involved in the approval process can see the specific information they need to see in time and can take immediate action. This speeds up the approval cycle in a very efficient and effective way.”

Food group Vandemoortele shortened production cycles without compromising quality

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