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Packaging Project Management Best Practices

Packaging project management is a complicated process that can easily go off the rails. That’s why it’s important to implement sustainable best practices that your whole team can adhere to. The goal is to make your process as streamlined and efficient as possible.

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Continually Optimize Your Workflow

No matter what your process looks like now, there is almost certainly room for improvement. Project managers are tasked with identifying bottlenecks and providing foolproof solutions to improve the workflow. But how is this best done effectively?

Incorporating packaging management software is a critical step in fully optimizing your packaging workflow.

Use a Central Hub to Keep Everyone on the Same Page

This may seem an obvious first step in improving your workflow. However, it’s more complex than one might think. A central hub is more than just your server and assorted filing systems. It’s a host for communication, artwork approval cycles, and internal and external teams, and keeps everyone on the same page.

If you are currently managing your workflow through various email inboxes and spreadsheets, it might be time to upgrade.

Try to Limit the Number of Review Cycles

Approval processes are tedious and error-prone. This aspect of the packaging value chain results in numerous bottlenecks in the process. Lost feedback and unnoticed mistakes in artwork are just two examples of this.

By limiting the number of review cycles, you are ensuring your team receives the correct feedback, completes the necessary updates, and complies with all regulations.

Keep an Audit Trail

Mistakes happen throughout the packaging workflow. And when they do, it’s imperative to have an audit trail tracing the mistake back to the source to avoid any repeats of the incident.

In addition to increasing accountability, an audit trail alerts you to problems embedded in your process so you can solve them effectively.

Determine Your Main KPI’s and Keep Track of Them

Many brands struggle with determining and tracking KPI’s. The process of tracking KPI’s is difficult, but failing to do so hampers the improvement of your packaging process.

After all, how are you supposed to know where issues are happening if you’re not tracking the right metrics?

Use GMP Certified Tools to Ensure Your Regulatory Compliance

Brands simply cannot afford compliance mistakes. Adhering to compliant standards is a difficult undertaking in general, and is made more difficult with various internal and external stakeholders involved in the process.

Utilizing GMP certified tools takes the pressure off by ensuring you and your team are equipped to meet the standards.

Start Moving to a Fully Digital Process

You know it’s time to go digital when manual processes are no longer efficient methods of managing the packaging workflow. Perhaps it’s obvious to say, but efficiency and profitability go hand-in-hand in today’s fast-paced economy.

Thus, incorporating software to start your digital transformation enables you to improve speed-to-market and unlock greater growth potential.

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