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Brand Management Software – Uniting your packaging & marketing efforts

Modern brands face a compelling challenge: they need to reach their customers across an ever growing array of channels and platforms with a consistent brand message.

But making sure that Jerry in packaging and Shawna in marketing are on the same page and using the same assets to maintain brand cohesion is often much easier said than done.

That's where a brand management system comes in – allowing you to digitize and automate your artwork processes across various departments.

With tools like workflow and digital asset management, you can make sure your brand remains highly competitive by taking advantage of all that a modern collaborative platform offers in order to specify, create, review, manage, and publish brand assets faster and more seamlessly than ever before.

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What Is Brand Management?

Brand management involves the techniques and systems used to increase both a brand's perception and that of its products and services. Almost every modern brand makes use of brand guidelines to inform marketing and packaging materials in order to drive brand consistency, loyalty, and position.

For effective brand perception, companies need to be equipped to generate and distribute content in a quick, clear, and consistent way across many different physical and digital channels.

In order to do this, companies need to have total control of their artwork creation, storage, and distribution processes. That is why brand management software is becoming an increasingly popular tool for today's largest and most competitive brands. 

Take Control with Artwork Management Software

An artwork management solution enables brands to take greater control of their artwork process by reducing duplication, optimizing content creation, and increasing the scope for creativity and innovation.

For instance, take the problem of translation. For brands which operate in different regions around the globe, each label needs to be translated and maintained separately for each language region – not to mention issues with potential differences in regulation.

Rather than a highly manual process involving many stakeholders and lots of copy and pasting content across platforms, this process can be accomplished completely within artwork management software to remove inefficiencies, greatly reduce the chance of errors, and increase your bottom line.

Brand Asset Management for the Packaging and Marketing Process

“I realized very quickly that Esko had figured it out – this is something I have needed over the last 10 years.”

Matt Maghan – Global Apparel + EQ Packaging Designer, Nike

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WebCenter QuickStart for Brands is a collaborative platform to specify, create, manage, publish, and analyze the performance of packaging and marketing assets. Check out the video to see how our brand management software can help your team create a single source of truth for a streamlined, simplified, and effective go-to-market process. 

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