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Packaging Prepress

Is Automating Prepress Workflow Worth It? Debunking the Top 5 Myths

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Automated prepress has become a cornerstone for many packaging print service providers. Yet, many companies remain uncertain about embracing automation. In this blog, we’ll debunk common myths and reveal how automation can unlock your company’s full potential.

Top 5 Automation Myths in Packaging

1. Automation is Too Expensive for My Company

A lot of companies are worried that they are too small to afford automation.

But think about the time your staff spends doing administrative tasks or sitting around waiting for a computer to finish trapping a file or generating a PDF.

Or what about the time lost on repetitive tasks like archiving jobs or checking the status of various projects?

Automating your packaging prepress goes a long way in reducing those hidden costs and allows your operators to focus on tasks that really need their attention.

And what’s more: automation can be done in small incremental steps.

Start out with a basic setup and scale up as you learn.

Go for the low hanging fruit: automate the tasks that do not need human intervention and see what a difference it makes.

That way, automation is never too expensive: it just follows your company’s growth.

With the automation now in place, we can do more work in less time. And we continue to improve our performance every day.

Jack Willemz

Managing Director, W&R Etiketten, The Netherlands

2. Implementing Workflow Automation is Too Complex

Automating your packaging prepress may seem complex: several departments must work together, there might be changes in the IT setup, people may need to be trained, it will take too long.

There’s no need to start automating everything at once.

When you are choosing automation software to help you, like Esko Automation Engine, it’ll already come with a turnkey solution that comes preloaded with proven workflows for label production.

This standard workflow gets you up and running in just 5 days.

And, as your business grows, the solution will grow with you.

The integration of Automation Engine for Labels was seamless; one of the easiest I’ve ever been involved with. It was all installed and in full production within a week.

Marco De La Vega

CFO, Blair Labeling, Inc., USA

3. We’ll Have to Completely Change the Way We Work

Automation brings about some changes in the way your workflow is organized, but the benefits of working faster and more efficiently outweigh any changes.

Working in a standardized way frees up the operator’s time to concentrate on the tasks that need human intervention.

It also reduces the risk of errors significantly.

And, because you can start with a small, basic setup, the changes will never be monumental.

It would be impossible to work without the system. We have increased throughput, with minimal staffing increases. Without our system, we would need an entire room of people manually doing just our step and repeat work all day.

Andrew Boyd

President, Blue Label Digital Printing, USA

4. Automation Takes Away My Control

Some companies object to the fact that a machine takes over: the server controls everything and some people are afraid they will lose control.

The very opposite is true: because it is a completely digital workflow, you know exactly the status of all your jobs.

Planning and switching jobs become easier, hand-offs between departments are straightforward, and customers know exactly when they can expect their orders.

Others don’t like to depend on just one vendor.

That also isn’t a problem if you choose an automation solution that integrates with your other business systems, color management systems, etc.

5. I’m Planning Other Investments

It may not seem like the best time to think about automation. You may be planning to buy a press, a new imager, an extra proofer, or some new computers for your operators.

However, these investments will not make a real strategic difference.

If you really want to have a positive impact on your company and prepare it for the future, improving efficiency with prepress automation is the way to go.

Automation engine is the heart of our prepress operation. By taking time and touches out of the production process, we not only save time and money, but significantly reduce errors. Automation Engine has made a significant contribution to our bottom line and overall customer satisfaction.

Miho Karolyi

Owner and Managing Director, Kaligraf, Croatia

Debunking the top five automation myths in packaging reveals that automation is not only affordable and straightforward but also highly beneficial in terms of efficiency, error reduction, and overall productivity.

Implementing automated prepress workflows can significantly enhance your operations, enabling your team to focus on more critical tasks and deliver better results faster.