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Return your dongle

Esko introduced a new licensing system for all its software.

Before your next update of the Esko software, you will have to return your dongles to Esko.

In exchange you will receive the Product Key files that will allow you to activate the software permanently.

Note that all support for Dongles will be stopped from Esko Software Suite 7, Release 6 onwards.

Return your dongles in 4 steps:

1. Initiate the dongle return by entering your Esko ID (or create a new account)

2. Enter your Dongle ID('s)

Upon receiving your Dongle ID('s), Esko will send you temporary Product Keys

3. Activate Temporary Product Keys.

You can activate these temporary Product Keys in the System Controller (on your PC: Start > Programs > Esko > System Controller > Activate Licenses).

4. Send your dongles to Esko (see addresses below). When we receive your dongles, Esko will send you permanent Product Keys.

Important Remark:

Once the dongles are returned to Esko you will no longer be able to run previous software installations.

Return your dongles to these addresses:

For Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa

Attn: License Department
Raymonde de Larochelaan 13
9051 Gent (Belgium)

For North America

Attn: Licensing Dept
8535 Gander Creek Drive
Miamisburg, OH 45342
United States

For Japan

〒163-1307 東京都新宿区西新宿6-5-1 新宿アイランドタワー7F
エスコグラフィックス株式会社 CS部 ライセンスキー返却係

For Asia Pacific

Esko-Graphics Pte Ltd
Blk 750C Chai Chee Road
Technopark@Chai Chee
Singapore 469003
Tel: 65-6241 2126
Fax: 65-6446 2090

If you have questions, please contact the Esko customer service team.

Esko ID for activation?

Esko ID is the new single sign-on system that will replace all your other existing user accounts for Esko websites and systems.

In practice, this means that your old Activation Accounts, with which you activated software up until recently, will stop functioning in the near future. Be prepared for that day and  create your Esko ID now.

Learn more about the migration status and the sites that currently support Esko ID.