Online proofing & packaging quality control

Esko works closely together with Global Vision, the world leader in online packaging quality control. WebCenter, Esko’s packaging management system comes loaded with Global Vision functionality:

  • Barcode inspection
  • Braille inspection

This dedicated functionality makes online packaging inspection and proofing straightforward and safe.

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GlobalVision on board: barcode verification & braille inspection

Among other things, WebCenter helps with Braille and barcode verification to ensure that the correct barcodes and Braille have been placed into the artwork. WebCenter has dedicated GlobalVision functionality on board to make braille and barcode inspection possible in the standaard WebCenter viewer.

Braille, both glue dots and embossed on the printed component can be inspected and translated against the PDF file to make sure that that there are no missing or added dots.

Barcodes can be decoded and graded according to ANSI/ISO standards to make Guarantee scannable barcodes.

Why use online proofing software?

Different industries have different definitions for ‘packaging quality’. The food and beverages brands, for instance, have completely different challenges and worries than the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical brands. While the food industry may be very concerned about printed color and not as concerned about copy errors, the pharmaceutical industry uses limited brand colors, but sees broken and missing type as a huge concern.

Packaging mistakes of all kinds equals not only loss of time and revenue but also the potential for product recalls and, most seriously, patient safety issues. It’s no wonder, then, that brands are very keen on using intelligent online proofing systems to reduce the possibility of errors.

51% of all food recalls are labeling errors

Did you know that the FDA estimates that 51% of food and drug recalls can be attributed to labeling errors ? Quality control and standardized collaboration and approval protocols for printed packaging are essential for brands.

Online proofing software

Online proofing in a packaging management system

Packaging projects contain all kinds of document types:
  • CAD files
  • Graphic files
  • Spreadsheets
  • Proposals
  • Purchase orders
  • Customer specifications
  • Master copy
  • Bill of Materials

WebCenter is designed to manage projects and the assets contained within each project. It also serves as an auditing tool: it automatically maintains version control of all documents, automatically archiving older iterations, ensuring that only the latest / approved version is used throughout the workflow.

Throughout the printed packaging life cycle, all text, graphics, layout, warnings, and identifying codes are inspected and approved by different departments in a brand company. These departments have to work together:

  • Legal / Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Designers
  • Prepress
  • Printer / converters
WebCenter allows GMP compliance

A key issue for highly regulated industries is compliance and adherence to the guidelines and principles of current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Read more here.

Esko’s WebCenter is a dedicated management system for GMP labeling and packaging artwork change management. WebCenter helps companies in the highly regulated industries control and maintain their GMP compliance with ease.

WebCenter meets the requirements of:

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines
  • Eudralex EU GMP Annex 11 guidelines

This includes ERES (Electronic Records, Electronic Signatures) and full audit trail capability.

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