How Large Food Manufacturer, Strauss Group, Improved Packaging Lead Time with Esko WebCenter

Listen to Dana Lefler, Project Manager at Strauss Group, as she walks us through her Packaging Management process, lessons learned, and the technology they employ.

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When it comes to packaging food products, it can be a tough relay race filled with a number of obstacles.

To pass the baton to the next teammate in a continuous stream, everyone must know when to run, how to run, and who's the next runner. The team can win against their opponents when they figure out the quickest process of running and passing without dropping the baton.

Similarly, packaging teams need to have the right process and visibility to understand where they can gain efficiencies and get their products to market quickly.

The Strauss Group experienced challenges similar to a relay race in their artwork process. It used to be managed through manual sheet updates, back-and-forth emails, all in the server with little visibility into the approval cycle. But now, they’ve started harnessing packaging technology to make their processes efficient and visible.

During this webinar Jan de Roeck, Esko Marketing Director will interview Dana Lefler, Project Manager at Strauss Group as she shares how this large food product manufacturer took the path to digitize their packaging management process, adopting the WebCenter online collaborative solution to reduce their lead time by 3 business days.