The Secret to Getting Packaging Content Right the First Time.

How to enable quick, accurate content updates for packaging.

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Regulations and consumer demands in packaging continue to evolve and with them, the need to make quick updates to your packaging artwork. It is estimated that over 50% of product recalls are related to the labelling or packaging artwork, and over 60% of all recalls are caused by human error. So how can you reduce these errors and increase efficiency?

A key element to reducing error in packaging content is to use a packaging content management (PCM) tool. With PCM as a central hub, you can create, approve, translate, and transfer content in a structured way when it's time to update the artwork. Because content like text, symbols, etc. is automatically pulled from a single digital source, you can be sure the updates to the packaging are accurate.

PCM allows you to say goodbye to errors from manual copy-pasting between excel spreadsheets, or other systems. Learn how to increase productivity by using PCM to promote control, access, and proper usage of your packaging content.

Register for the webinar to hear from Esko packaging solution experts as they guide you through PCM and demonstrate how to get your packaging content right first time.