How NuVasive Reduced Their Lead Time and Developed an Internal Process with ArtiosCAD

NuVasive, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUVA) is the leader in spine technology innovation, with a mission to transform surgery, advance care, and change lives. The Company’s less invasive, procedurally integrated surgical solutions are designed to deliver reproducible and clinically proven outcomes.

Creating safe packaging and maintaining product sterility are paramount. NuVasive previously spent considerable time communicating back and forth with suppliers. Without an internal packaging design process, the overall time to develop packaging was greatly increased. They wanted to create a process that is both time and cost efficient.

After implementing ArtiosCAD, NuVasive experienced more control over the package design process, updates became more efficient, and design lead time was reduced.

“It’s hard to quantify just how many hours ArtiosCAD has saved, but it's made me a happier designer.” -Karsten Jensen, Packaging Development Engineer, NuVasive

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