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Parera Produces Flexo Plates of Exceptional Quality with the CDI Crystal XPS

Thanks to the CDI Crystal XPS plate production solution from Esko, the customers of Spanish print service provider Parera print with supreme quality.

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The Challenge:

Flexo plates of superior quality.

The Solution:

Intuitive plate production.

The Benefits:

Unparalleled quality.

Case Study Summary

Artes Graficas Parera is a successful design and prepress tradeshop based in Spain. Parera aspires to be the best in what it does. So offering customers flexo plates of the highest standard comes naturally to this print service provider.

Thanks to the new CDI Crystal XPS configuration Parera produces top-quality flexo plates that yield exceptional print quality for the customer.

Watch the Video
  • The simultaneous back and front exposure guarantees that the floor of the plates are correct and uniform.
  • Plate production is very intuitive since all the tech specs of the different plate types are preconfigured in the system.
  • The CDI Crystal XPS configuration is the ultimate push-button plate production solution.
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