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Longo Achieves Consistent High Quality Plates with the Esko XPS Crystal

Argentina based reprographic specialist, Fotograbados Longo, attributes the superior quality of its flexo plates to the Esko XPS Crystal 5080 plate exposure device.

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The Challenge:

Digital flexo plate making at its core.

The Solution:

Extend capabilities.

The Benefits:

A leap forward in quality.

Case Study Summary

For over eighty years, Argentina based flexo specialist, Fotograbados Longo S.A., works with the latest technology to achieve the best quality at everything it does.

In this video, Sebastian Longo, President of Fotograbados Longo, shares his enthusiasm for his latest investment in an Esko XPS Crystal 5080.

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Improved print quality.

Improved consistency.

Reduced setup time.

Faster turnaround.

Longo has three Esko CDI imagers installed for flexo plate making. All three units are equipped with Crystal screening and high definition Pixel+ optics.

With Pixel+, Longo customers achieve optimal print results with flat top dot plates from a variety of suppliers, such as DuPont, McDermid, and Flint.

To complement the range of CDI plate imagers, Longo invested in the Esko XPS Crystal plate exposure technology.

Longo is delighted with its investment in the Esko XPS Crystal 5080 exposure device. The unique XPS Crystal is a digitally controlled UV LED exposure unit, providing simultaneous main and back plate exposure.

The Print Control Wizard standardizes all critical print parameters, tailored to each press (imaging resolution, exposure settings, plate, substrate, anilox, press type, inks …). The software comes with an intuitive user interface which guides the operator through the plate preparation process.

The XPS Crystal, with Crystal screening technology, generates flexo plates of superb quality. Consequently, the print quality improves and it remains consistent throughout the entire print production.

Longo also attests that machine setup time has reduced considerably. This enhances production efficiency which helps the company to meet customer demand for a fast turnaround.

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