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Glatz Klischee Reports Highly Consistent Flexo Plates with XPS Crystal 5080

Austrian prepress service provider Glatz Klichee marks a technology milestone with the award winning flexo plate exposure device XPS Crystal 5080.

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The Challenge:

Glatz Klichee felt that traditional light tube exposure units have reached their limits in the plate making process. There were problems with consistency or variations in exposure intensity.

The Solution:

A crucial step in stable and consistent flexo plate making is UV exposure. That is the reason why Austrian prepress service provider Glatz Klischee installed Esko’s flexo plate making exposure device, the XPS Crystal 5080.

The Benefits:

UV main and back exposure in one unit represents a milestone in flexographic plate making for Glatz Klichee. It improves plate exposure quality and ensures extremely consistent flexographic plates.

Case Study Summary

Austrian prepress service provider Glatz Klischee overcame challenges in UV plate exposure by investing in Esko’s XPS Crystal 5080. The device, integrating UV main and back exposure in one unit, marked a milestone in flexographic plate making, significantly improving exposure quality, and ensuring consistency.

Glatz Klischee reported that the LED exposure of XPS Crystal 5080 eliminated the drawbacks of traditional light tube exposure, providing a uniformly consistent output. This technological advancement allowed them to deliver high-quality plates with unprecedented consistency and repeatability, particularly with fine screens up to 250lpi.

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  • Improved plate exposure quality and extremely consistent flexographic plates.
  • Constantly uniform output thanks to UV LED exposure.
  • Adjustable intensity of the UV radiation according to the requirements of the job.
  • Regulated UV radiation intensity according to job requirements.
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