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Almirall Obtains a Global Overview of the Packaging Production Process with WebCenter

Global pharmaceutical company Almirall eliminates manual tasks and enhances visibility of their global pharmaceutical processes with Esko WebCenter.

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The Challenge:

Almirall handled 2,000 package designs and 1,500 projects manually, with dispersed responsibilities and varied file systems.

The Solution:

Almirall chose WebCenter for its ability to manage design, review, and revision processes for packaging.

The Benefits:

After implementing WebCenter, Almirall achieved a seamlessly integrated and centralized packaging production process.

Case Study Summary

Almirall, a global pharmaceutical company, faced challenges in managing 2,000 package designs and 1,500 projects manually, leading to inefficiencies and dispersed responsibilities. Seeking a solution, they implemented WebCenter, streamlining their packaging production process and achieving a global overview. WebCenter’s tailored functionality proved superior to other options, enabling Almirall to double their workload efficiency. The tool is now integral to managing design, review, and revision processes, allowing for quicker adaptations and new design creation, ultimately reducing turnaround times from months to less than a month.

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Global overview of packaging design processes.

Enhanced efficiency and reduced manual tasks.

Up-to-date information available to all stakeholders.

Shorter time to market.

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