Esko Software Platform

Esko Software Platform, June 2018 release
What's new?

ArtiosCAD 18

  • Automatic Layer Switching will automatically switch to the proper CAD layer based on tool selection.  This saves designers time and will reduce the chance of errors caused by design elements being in the wrong layer.
  • Offset from a point or line feature reduces the need for extraneous construction lines, also saving time for designers.
  • Create Panel from Line allows for geometry macro components to be automatically added from a line with a single click.
  • Auto-repeat Congruent Geometry enables rapid design changes by automatically applying edits to all selected congruent geometry, like flaps, panels, cut outs, etc.
  • The dimension tool now allows for adding +/- tolerances to the dimension text.  This offers more detailed and improved specification reports.
  • For North American corrugated users who print shop card reports, ArtiosCAD 18 can now output sixteenth values in the format expected by the shop floor.
  • When running a standard or importing a geometry macro made with a different “side” setting than the parameter set, there is now an option to have ArtiosCAD automatically mirror the result to match the default side.
  • A long-awaited search feature in the ArtiosCAD default options dialog has been added to ArtiosCAD 18.  Just type in a keyword and ArtiosCAD will highlight all default settings matching the text.
  • The ArtiosCAD Enterprise browser will now show Task Checklist items and allow the user to check off the completion status.
  • Users can now open a Task in WebCenter directly from the ArtiosCAD Enterprise browser.
  • The ArtiosCAD Enterprise browser is even more powerful now with the ability to create, rename and delete desktop folders directly from the browser.  Users can also drag documents from a project to their desktop folders, as well as directly to the Tasks and BOM nodes.

ArtPro+ 18

  • With ArtPro+ Advanced, it is now possible to open MFG files, assign graphics, place station numbers and adjust bleeds to build a folding carton layout file.
  • New Dynamic Marks have been added: add Bearer Bar Mark, add Cut Mark and add Repeating Mark. For most mark types it is now also possible to edit the original shape or color via the "Edit Shape" button in the property inspector.
  • More PDF Actions have been added, as well as a "Step Through" Mode to inspect and test action lists. PDF Actions can now be executed on Automation Engine 18, using the "Apply PDF Action List" Task from the Automation Engine base.
  • A new Colors List gives a read-out of all used colors as fill or stroke in your file.
  • Object and Layer locking has been added.
  • A Path select tool allows selecting paths belong to a compound.
  • A new Align and Distribute tool allows aligning selected objects.
  • A Named Objects Overview is added to the Object Browser.
  • Magnetism. The crosshair now snaps to selected objects.
  • Trapping: smoother, better quality image trapping.
  • A new Cut Path tool has been added.
  • ArtPro+ now integrates with Extensis Universal Type Server for effortless font activation.
  • In the Separations List, you now have the ability to automatically lock objects that are not using any of the visible separations.
  • RGB and LAB images can now be opened or placed while honoring the embedded profile.

ArtPro 16.1.1 and PowerLayout 16.1.1

An update including bug fixes.

Automation Engine 18

  • PDF action lists: Automatically run your PDF Actions Lists created in ArtPro+
  • Regex builder: You don't need to be a programmer for this user-friendly function
  • Resize shape task: Automatically resize your Collada files through this task
  • ArtiosCAD layout task: Use this task to run several nesting options to give more accurate cost estimation


  • Switch to PitStop 2018
  • Show badges for Smart To Do List Views
  • Integrate Automation Engine To Do’s with MacOS Notification Center
  • Support for "Go To Path..." within the pilot

Cape Pack 18

  • Bulk uploading of legacy files to Cape Cloud.
  • Language support of the Cape Cloud user interface for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
  • Free web-based 3D viewer for Cape reports with interactive graphics.
  • Simplified, web-based Corrugated Compression Strength Analysis program.  Includes customizable databases and flexible reporting options.

Color Pilot 18

A "Check Strategy" function for proofing has been implemented. This provides a simple way to verify that the proofer, its profile and color strategy have been correctly set up. A report is created which can be used to check compliance with color standards, and contains many details on individual colorants, patches and critical overprints. This feature replaces and improves upon the old Check Strategy tool of classic Color Engine Pilot.

Support for international standards:

  • Import and export of CxF-4 files. Interchange spectral ink data including tints and overprints, with other compliant applications.
  • Ability to use SCTV (Spot color tone value, ISO 20654): display in ink books, and to synchronize Equinox profiles. This metric provides more uniform visual spacing.

A useful metamerism tool and many other small fixes and improvements.

DeskPack 18 (for Illustrator and Photoshop)

  • Barcode Recognition, a new feature in the Dynamic Barcodes plugin makes it possible to convert contourized or scanned barcodes into live editable Dynamic Barcodes. See the user guide for supported barcode types and parameters.
  • BoostX contains a new Spread and Choke plugin to compensate for print deformations by enlarging or reducing selected objects.
  • An Annotations Tool has been added to the Annotations plugin (part of Data Exchange) making it possible to add new annotations to your Illustrator document and save them back to WebCenter.
  • The PDF Import plugin is now scriptable. Sample scripts and documentation are added to the installer.
  • All Dynamic Marks are now updated when the document is exported to an Esko file format.
  • The Thin Parts plugin (part of Preflight) contains a new fix mode that is optimized for Asian characters.

Dynamic Content 18

Dynamic Barcodes:

  • New Extract feature can convert vectorized or scanned barcodes into editable barcodes.
  • Several updates to GS1 barcodes, including:
    • Added support for 2 new application identifiers in GS1 barcodes (714 and 8013).
    • The Snap Bars to Output Resolution controls for GS1 US Coupon Interim barcodes have been removed from the palette
    • The Magnification parameter for GS1 128 barcodes has been removed from the palette as it has been deprecated by the GS1 organization.
    • The parameters of GS1 QR barcodes can now be obtained from Job Setup
  • The Box margin values and Bearer bars parameters are now remembered per barcode type.

Dynamic Tables:

  • Added 7 new tables for Canadian CFIA regulatory update for children 6 months to 1 year:
    • 10.x: Aggregate
    • 17.x: Simplified Linear
    • 26.x: Bilingual Simplified Horizontal
    • 27.x: Aggregate
    • 28.x: Bilingual Aggregate
    • 31.x & 32.x: Linear & Simplified
  • Added abbreviations of some nutrients to the FDA 2016 Tabular Reduced Layout
  • Added a prerelease version of the US FDA Drug Facts Tables

Dynamic Content

Added support for images from WebCenter that are defined in linked XML files using a WebCenter URL (wcr://)

Equinox for Photoshop 18

An update including bug fixes and platform support in line with the rest of DeskPack.

Imaging Engine 18

  • Adobe Kernel (APPE 4.8) The kernel of Imaging Engine has been improved by adding a patch on top of APPE version 4.8. To guarantee correct output, especially when using the Esko screening model (introduced in IE16.0.2), some performance optimization was disabled (since 16.1.1). This may have caused some decrease in RIP performance depending on the input file and the settings used. The correct output can now be guaranteed again with the performance optimization enabled, resulting in correct and fast RIP output.
  • Spot Color Tone Value. In CurvePilot 18.0.0, SCTV has been added to the list of metrics. Spot Color Tone Value(SCTV), used in ISO 20654:2017standard, is a ratio of the colorimetric difference between the tint, the substrate and the solid.
  • Public screening parameters are applied again for all spot colors
  • Dot Clean up now takes the smallest minimum dot into account when multiple/different min dots are needed
  • Source profiles containing non CMYK inks are now also supported during Proofing
  • Seamless output has been optimized to generate the same output size as FlexRip
  • Print Control Wizard: A new wizard based user interface which asks questions of your flexible packaging environment. The wizard automates the generation of good for print ‘Crystal’ flexo screens & DGCs for Flexible Packaging. The new Crystal Screens offer the best in class print quality for Flexible Packaging in combination with the Crystal XPS. This new application is an option which can purchased separately.

PackEdge 18

An update including bug fixes, an updated BGCMS and Adobe PDF library.

Pack Proof 18

An update of the proof server is included. The Epson Surecolor SC80600 is now supported, including the ability to lay down white ink. The SC80600 is a solvent ink proofer than can make proofs on a variety of substrates including transparent films, so it can be used to make packaging mockups. Note: the metallic ink mode of this proofer is not yet supported in 18.0

Plato 18

An update including bug fixes, an updated BGCMS and Adobe PDF library.

Studio 18

  • Added JPEG and PNG to the available formats for exporting an image (in addition to TIFF)
  • It's now possible to enter a negative value for material shrinkage in Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves. This improves shrink sleeve calculations for those materials that stretch in the machine or transverse direction instead of shrinking.
  • Several operations to support the Scodix digital print enhancement presses have been added to Studio Visualizer.
  • New labeling tools for rigid containers have been added to make it easy to add Cylindrical, Conical and Wrap Around labels to imported shapes. 
  • Studio Designer's new "Send Path to Toolkit" option will send a closed path from Illustrator directly a model with a label to create a die cut. This eliminates the need for a die cut operation in every artwork file and makes it possible to die cut in Designer mode.

Studio Store Visualizer 18

Several features to create even more realism for products in a virtual store:-

  • Liquids animate based on physics
  • Labels are visible through refractive products, including back printed labels
  • Local environment raytracing – shelves, furniture, other objects appear through refractive products
  • Additional color layer for refractive materials
  • Multi-layer refractions for concave objects
  • Anti-aliasing of refractions (Windows only)

Several performance and productivity improvements, including:


  • Precision and performance improvements
  • Refraction maps moved into the library, speeding up load time


  • Libraries and projects can now exceed 4 GB size
  • Libraries easily be reorganized by dragging models and resources
  • Saving Libraries is 2x-10x faster

The Model Browser now reflects the environment
Movie Export is up to 40% faster

WebCenter 18.0.1

Besides several bug fixes, this minor release of WebCenter also introduced some new functionality.


When migrating setups from one WebCenter to another, the following properties will now also be transferred:

    • Task Status Icons and Project Status Icons
    • Simple Lists linked to Attributes and Specifications
    • Document Reference Property Categories

Right to Left Languages (RTL)

This version brings increased support for RTL languages in WebCenter.

    • Normal Attribute Values
    • Rich Text Attribute Values
    • Discussions
    • Annotations
    • Workflow Notifications

Project Creation

When creating a project from another project or a template, locally referenced documents in the projects will now be copied as well.


You can now search for documents that reference older versions of a document.

Document References

Bulk support for local/remote copying of document references.


The following functionality was added to the workflow:

    • Improved support for working with document references in the workflow. You can now select and set document references in the workflow.
    • The "Copy Document Attributes" node was extended to better specify incoming documents.
    • New API calls in the JavaScript node related to task dates.

Package Content Management (PCM)

In this release the package content module has increased support for CHILI documents.

    • PCM Languages can now be assigned to be RTL and can be assigned a custom font family.WebCenter can therefore extract image placeholders and text documents (.wcc) from a CHILI package (.chp)
    • A new "Export CHILI to PDF" workflow node has been created, allowing WebCenter to generate a PDF from a CHILI package.
    • A new CHILI editor was created that shows the CHILI document side by side with a WebCenter form, any change in the form on Text Documents, Images, Fields, etc. get live updated in the CHILI document.
    • The "CreateTextContent" SDK call, can now also assign attribute values.
    • PCM Languages can now be assigned to be RTL and can be assigned a custom font family.