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Esko Software Platform

Esko Software Platform, July 2017 release: What's new?

ArtiosCAD 16.1

  • Updated user interface which includes document tabs, flyout & detachable menus and tooltips for flyout toolbars
  • New feature to rebuild a design in 3D
  • Automatic mating of display hardware for 3D scenes
  • Automatic mate option for Tab & Slot tool
  • Task list in ArtiosCAD Project Browser (enterprise-only)
  • Database dialog editor enhancements for setting tab order
  • Import existing ARD as a canvas part and maintain source link
  • Spatial 2017 update

ArtPro+ 16.1

ArtPro+ is now available in two Editions:
ArtPro+ Essentials comes with a large number of new functionalities and tools to simplify the structure of artworks, making smarter selections and trapping soft-masked images that help you to process jobs faster. The new PDF Preflight capabilities allow you to detect issues in the file in a quick, efficient and controlled manner so you can deliver error-free work faster.
With ArtPro+ Advanced you can enjoy a new automatic trapping solution removing the complexity when trapping modern packaging designs. With the concept of Grids and Dynamic Marks ArtPro+ is showcasing a new simplicity for creating tabular step & repeat layouts.Please consult the "What’s New" document for a more detailed overview of all new features.

Cape Pack 16.1

  • Collada file import capability
  • Dividers and partitions – New in Casefill
  • Mixed loading support
  • Cloud file management

DeskPack 16.1.1

  • New "Reseparate" filter in Flexo Tools for Photoshop for black generation (GCR) on CMYK images, to improve printing stability.
  • A DGC curve can now be specified for each ink in Ink Manager and per object with the Screening plug-in.
  • It's now possible to replace inks only in selections with the Color Engine plug-in.
  • The ink order can be retrieved from the Automation Engine job setup and applied on the Illustrator document.
  • New color options are added to Dynamic Marks (black or darkest, exclude varnish inks) and strokes in text marks are now fully supported.
  • Improved PDF+ import: object based screening and channel mapping of images saved by ArtPro+ are now correctly imported with PDF Import.
  • In Tiff Export, it is now possible to choose the separations to export.

Dynamic Content 16.1.1

  • 10 Canadian 2016 compliant Table standards added to Dynamic Tables, temporarily with prerelease flag.
  • GS1 QR code added as new barcode type in Dynamic Barcodes, along with 7 new Application Identifiers in GS1 barcodes.

DeskPack Dynamic VDP for Illustrator 16.1.1

Dynamic VDP has been updated along with rest of DeskPack. There are no new features in this version.

Studio 16.1.1

Designer: Output a simple animation as a sequence of images


  • Saving/adding Custom Operations to the operations library
  • New materials and operations for kraft papers, corrugated, crimping, high gloss and high matte varnishes

Maintenance release for Studio Toolkit

Studio Store Visualizer, powered by VTales 16.1.1

  • WebCenter Connectivity to manage 3D assets and planograms.
  • More realistic rendering of refractive materials like glass and liquids

WebCenter 16.1.1

  • ArtiosCAD Task List Support
  • General bug fixing / Maintenance

WebCenter Connector 16.1.1

  • View and edit WebCenter document attributes in the Illustrator WebCenter palette
  • Option to synchronize document details in the Illustrator WebCenter palette
  • Open (download) native Adobe Illustrator documents in WebCenter
  • Save (upload) native Adobe Illustrator documents to WebCenter
  • Download document annotations for Adobe Illustrator document from WebCenter