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Esko Software Platform, January 2018 release
What's new?

ArtiosCAD 16.1.1

  • Import parametric designs to a Canvas document and map the imported variables
  • Each part of a Canvas document can have a unique board caliper
  • Part names can be used as document names when exporting canvas parts
  • UX improvements when designing and viewing Canvas parts
  • See the ARD document name while viewing the parts list
  • Seeding a BOM with Canvas part information, including hardware parts
  • Automatically add parts and documents to the BOM when saving
  • Additional tabs can be added to database information and search dialogs
  • Quick access to project and document information from the project bar
  • Improved visual to show linked documents in the Enterprise browser
  • New FFR hooks 7253469301-03, 7252641801-03 and 7256652001-004 added to the library
  • New Kongsberg sample table outputs have been added to the ArtiosCAD defaults

ArtPro 16.1.1

ArtPro+ 16.1.1 comes with a number of new functionalities:

  • Change Colors: the Recolor tool allows for quick color changes to selected objects
  • Path Editing: draw new paths with the Pen tool, fix open path issues with the join and close path functions
  • Interactive Trapping: The trap distance is now indicated, overshooting is now possible to trap beyond the adjacent object
  • Special Type Layers: a new Layer Type inspector helps organizing the content of your packaging file
  • Printing Methods: Printing methods can now be defined and are stored in PDF+
  • Step and repeat: The die shape can now be set to other values than Trim Box (any separation present in the Placed Art, Special Type Layer 'Cut')
  • Replace Placed Art: the Placed Art Inspector now contains a Replace button to replace the selected Placed Art by another one
  • Place Image Inside: Place and clip an image in one action with this new feature
  • Compare: New option to highlight different pixels when comparing files
  • Structural Design: You can now place linked ARD files in your packaging files. The Structural design inspectors allow to change properties such as print item or viewing profile for full flexibility

Automation Engine 16.1.1

Automation 16.1.1 is primarily a maintenance release containing a number of fixes and stability improvements: see the release notes for more details of those. In addition Device Manager / CDI can now connect to devices running Grapholas-DFS 16.1 (which was released just prior to end of 2017, and is intended for the Crystal family).

Cape Pack 16.1.2

A new utility is now included which allows for bulk uploading of Cape solutions on the desktop to Cape Cloud.

Color Pilot 16.1.1

Color Pilot is a new application that unifies the functions of Color Engine Pilot (for proofing and for digital printing) and Equinox Profile Creator. It is built with a fresh modern look and feel and also contains task driven interfaces and other self-help tools to make it even easier to use.

In this release all the existing applications are provided as well so that customers do not have to change over to the new software right away, but can start using it at their convenience.

For proofing customers, a specific training is available to help customers make the best use of Pack Proof and Color Pilot together.

i-cut Layout 16.1

Supported on macOS 10.13 and Win 10 Creators, nesting algorithm improvements, more placement options for eyelet SmartMark

Imaging Engine 16.1.1

  • Fixes, including a new APPE, version 4.8
  • Official release of Dupont Easy screens

Pack Proof 16.1

When used along with Color Pilot 16.1.1, Pack Proof offers more accurate proofing of spot color tones and overprints, as well as smoother rendering of gradations.

A specific algorithm has been developed to better model the behavior of spot inks in gravure printing, in addition to the existing support for flexo and offset print.

The good news is that on upgrade to 16.1.1 the customer does not have to change anything: all the existing proof tickets, profiles and color strategies work as before and output should be identical to the previous version.

A customer who wants to take advantage of the improved functionality can do so as and when convenient - this would involve making new proofer profiles and color strategies - a specific migration training will be offered to help customers with this.