Esko Software Platform

Esko Software Platform, April release: What's new?

ArtPro 16.0.2 & PowerLayout 16.0.2

  • Improve Staggered Cutting allowing the user to define stroke width of cutting lines for better visualization.
  • Bug fixes

Automation Engine 16.0.2

  • Alignment of Dynamic tasks on the latest NDL core
  • Support for Windows Server 2016 / Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Bug fixes

Cape Pack 16.0.3

  • License Activation issues solved

Color Engine Pilot (Classic) 14.1.3

  • Compatibility with 16.0.2 Proof Server
  • New default EPLs for Epson P7000 proofer with HT driver
  • New profiling charts for CMYKOGV (also for P7000 with HT)
  • Bug fixes

Dynamic Content 16.1

  • Support for table layouts compliant with the new US FDA 2016 regulations for nutrition fact tables in the Dynamic Tables plugin
  • New tool has been added to the Dynamic Tables plugin to recognize third party nutrition fact tables in existing artwork and convert to US FDA 2016 compliant dynamic tables

Imaging Engine 16.0.2 and Pack Proof 16.0.2

  • New Adobe kernel (APPE 4.6) bringing performance enhancements
  • Compensate for outline thickness option (prerelease)
  • Esko screening model option: object based screening will match FlexRip more closely
  • Public parameter support for screening parameters (dot, ruling angle)
  • Dot cleanup (removes small dots from the plate for flexo applications) - commercial option
  • Highline XM screening is now available - commercial option, included as migration for customers who had this screening on FlexRip
  • New Proof Server (based on Fiery XF 6.3). Adds HT driver for Epson P series and a number of other drivers
  • Many issues solved, performance increased, memory usage optimized

Configuration Manager 16.1

Added to Telescope reporting:

  • Imaging Engine, RIPs, ArtiosCAD 16, Pack Proof

Network License Manager 16.1

  • Bug fixes

PackEdge 16.0.2 and Plato 16.0.2

  • Bug fixes

Studio 16.1

Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves:

  • Ability to add a print area to the 2D technical drawing of the sleeve. This indicates to the artwork operator how close to the edges the print can go.
  • The gap between the sleeve and object is now three times as small than in an older version of Toolkit.
  • The circumference can now be smaller than the size of the entire object. This enables you to create for example a tamper evident seal at the top of a bottle.

Studio Designer/Visualizer:

  • Export to KeyShot to enable creation of photo-realistic pack shots.
  • Ability to save frequently used finishing operations as custom operations

WebCenter 16.1

  • Program Management: For hierarchical multi-level project structures
  • Office Document Support: View, Annotate, Compare, Approve Word and PowerPoint files
  • Content Management for Nutrition Fact Tables: 60% efficiency increase in updating existing artworks with the new US NFT layout
  • MediaBeacon integration: One solution to manage both physical and digital assets
  • Improved Operational Reporting: Better insights with new graphical elements and drill down capabilities
  • Approval Link: Invite permanent or temporary users on the fly, without having to setup a new password
  • New and Simplified product edition structure

WebCenter Connector 16.1

  • New WebCenter palette to view structural design document information linked to WebCenter
  • New preferences for saving downloaded Graphic files and cache cleanup
  • Network preferences to make use of proxy settings on Mac OS X.
  • Option to choose visible columns in WebCenter Connector browser
  • WebCenter Connector browser will display document count for every folder

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