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What's new in Esko Software Platform 16?

ArtiosCAD 16

ArtiosCAD 16 simplifies the design and preproduction of multi-part packaging and POP displays with intelligent and productive tools that eliminate guesswork, waste and errors. Display designers that are used to manually preparing a 2D planogram for hanging product will benefit from ArtiosCAD 16 features to add hardware components like hangers and hooks to a display to automatically make precise design changes to the structure.

For users looking for new display design ideas, ArtiosCAD 16 has a link to the new ArtiosCAD Display Store that includes hundreds of resizable, production-ready display designs. We’ve done the design and testing for you.

Designing right-sized packaging for a primary product is simplified with enhanced integration between ArtiosCAD 16 and Cape Pack. In ArtiosCAD 16, Cape Pack results will automatically design the secondary package, fill it with the primary product in the calculated arrangement pattern and display the palletize solution. This provides right-sized package design with realistic 3D visualization for accurate communication and reporting.

ArtiosCAD Enterprise users will further benefit from an improved project browser that includes project icon thumbnails for easy identification of search results. Additionally in version 16, ArtiosCAD Enterprise supports the additional WebCenter attribute types like cascading lists and multi-value restricted sets.

Managing upgrades, user defaults and shared defaults is made easier by eliminating version and language dependent defaults files and projects. Now administrators and users don’t have to search through multiple files and projects for their default settings.

Automation Engine 16

Version 16 of Automation Engine enables automated quality control. Through cooperation with Global Vision, we have enabled the first automated quality control process in the market.

Automation 16 is also the first version that enables the link to the production floor via Device Manager. Device Manager gives full visibility on status of Jobs and status of devices. It also allows planning and has a full feature set to receive feedback for reporting or analytics. Together with Device Manager, Automation Engine allows a fully automatic flexo plate making (and cutting) workflow.

Extra functionality on your existing software has also been added. As an example: A direct link to SAP, cloud storages and support for SFTP have been added to Automation Engine Connect.


This is the first commercial release of ArtPro+.

ArtPro+ offers a uniquely simplified user experience and contains all required one-up functionality to process a job from artwork stage to plate or cylinder making.

ArtPro 16

ArtPro's important paint style pallets have been modernized. The user can now resize them to get a more space-efficient usage.

Cape Pack 2.16

Maintenance release to include bug fixes and installation changes since February.

DeskPack 16

With DeskPack 16 we are further tightening the integration with WebCenter and Automation Engine. The WebCenter Connector will now automatically download WebCenter Annotations if present. They will be listed in the new Annotations plugin (part of Esko Data Exchange). This new plugin makes it easy to step through all annotations, while highlighting the areas in your Illustrator document.

Ink Manager can now use ink properties from the job setup on your Illustrator documents. Dynamic Marks has been extended with a new standard Image Mark. boostX comes with a new plugin to add Dimension Lines to your files, as well as a new Crosshair Cut Tool. Easy to use presets have been added to various plugins.

Dynamic Content 16

With Dynamic Content 16 you can take existing Dynamic Content templates with linked xml and release the xml to convert instantly to Dynamic Art placeholders.

Now link GS1 XML stored in WebCenter directly to your Dynamic Content illustrator templates with the free WebCenter Connector plug-in for Adobe Illustrator.

Use the Dynamic Content CHILI Publisher Plug-in to define image place holders in your Illustrator templates and expose them for updating in the CHILI Publisher online editor.

Imaging Engine 16

More features have been added to Imaging Engine to enable more customers of legacy RIP solutions to upgrade. This includes Content Proofing, which provides a function to create proofs for checking of job content. These can be output in a simple way to a range of inkjet devices (see esko.com for a list of supported devices) without needing a color management setup. In addition there are new features for dot gain curve management making it easier for NexusRip and FlexRip customers to transfer their existing setups to Imaging Engine.

PackEdge 16

In PackEdge standalone mode, the Pantone ink books now always contain real ink data, ensuring consistent rendering of Pantone colors across Esko applications.

The 112 new Pantone colors have been added to the Pantone+ ink book. When normalizing a PDF+ file from ArtPro+, the ink order is recognized and kept. Processing steps will be mapped to technical inks. PackEdge 16 supports Windows 10.

Plato 16

Plato 16 is a maintenance update to release bug fixes.

There is a new SmartMark “fill placeholder” which is mainly for use in automated folding carton workflows. The bonsai CMS tree has been updated, it contains real ink data versus simple color.

It also contains the 112 new Pantone colors.

PowerLayout 16

ArtPro's important paint style pallets have been modernized. The user can now resize them to get a more space-efficient usage.

Studio 16

With Studio 16 brings more fantastic enhancements to help improve the 3D packaging graphic design process.

  • New tools to help speed up the composition of multiple 3D shapes in Studio Toolkit, quickly and accurately combine product with primary packaging, secondary packaging and displays.
  • New features add more realism and speed when designing 3D directly inside of Adobe Illustrator. Add floor shadows; even combine them with floor reflections.
  • Export very high quality Pack Shots as large as you like, very high-resolution images.
  • To help speed up the creation of Pack Shots and increase productivity, we have added scriptable export from inside of Adobe Illustrator.
  • New enhanced 3D viewing capabilities with high quality viewing for web, mobile and desktop all including Esko's patented Studio Visualizer quality finishing!

Studio Store Visualizer 16 introduces new tools to speed up the creation of virtual stores and connect real retail data.

  • New: Planogram integration, with this option you can take real retail store data and populate your virtual stores in minutes not hours and days! View each products metadata from the planogram system directly in the virtual store.
  • View your virtual store with hyper immersive visualization with Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles! With 16 we also include a 3D stereoscopic rendering module, use active 3D glasses and supported screens and projectors.
  • There’s the possibility to interact with the store using a touch screen. Great for live demonstrations and inexperience users to navigate around the stores and interact with products.

WebCenter 16

WebCenter 16 brings several improvements to help customers to enhance productivity, reduce cost and deliver faster with high quality.

The brand new User Interface is visually appealing to the new and existing users. It is easy to use, supports all device types, all screen sizes and platforms. WebCenter 16 comes with a simplified viewer to highlight the artwork without sacrificing functionality. The enhanced search interface, Card style search results, easy to load workflow canvas elevate the User Experience to a new level.

WebCenter 16 introduces the Packaging Content Management Module. Until now, WebCenter focused on managing the packaging process. The Content module can manage the text throughout the artwork creation process. It is designed to promote reuse and reduce content errors. The Content Management module helps to produce packaging artwork 50% faster and with 30% reduced cost.

Improved quality control with the Assisted Review feature - based on the integration of Automation Engine with the GlobalVision tools - is another key new feature of WebCenter. This enables WebCenter to detect errors in the files and improve the turnaround time. This module reduces the QA overhead by detecting errors as early as possible in the process.

All these new features and many other innovations in WebCenter 16 makes it easier to use, easier to demo, easier to deploy and easier to support.

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