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Share & Approve

Shorten approval cycles by 3x.

Take control of your approval cycles with Esko Share & Approve!

What’s new in 23.07

Connect your approval cycles to Esko editor applications, including ArtPro+ and DeskPack, to seamlessly bring together all stakeholders involved.

  • Enable users to upload, share, annotate, and approve packaging and label artwork, all within a hyper-realistic 3D environment.
  • Ensure all stakeholders have access to the same version of the file, centralizing annotations, minimizing errors, and saving valuable time.
  • Enjoy complimentary access for all stakeholders, eliminating the need for logins or additional software. This allows for easy file viewing and sharing, reducing approval cycles from weeks to just days.

What’s new in 23.03

Seamlessly connect and simplify your approvals process for all stakeholders

  • Provide continuous, complimentary access so all stakeholders can view and share files - no login or additional software required!
  • Ensure all stakeholders can view the same version of the same file, centralise annotations, reduce errors, and save time.
  • Exclusive pre-release of a new integration between ArtPro and DeskPack to Share and Approve to seamlessly connect all of your stakeholders and enable them to easily upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and label artwork, all in hyper-realistic 3D.