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Print Control Wizard

Intelligent Print Parameter Wizard
Enable operators to quickly create premium flexo plates. 

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How Print Control Wizard Works

The tool uses all critical print parameters and variables to standardize the generation of Crystal Screens and curves for each application, removing all non-valued added tasks from the process.

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The Benefits of Using Print Control Wizard Generated Crystal Screening with XPS Crystal

For the Repro Process

A Dot Clean Up function removes partial dots, which print dirty on the press.

Tints and vignettes print clean, reducing need to consider object-based screening.

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For the Plates:

Plates are more consistent with the XPS exposure unit.

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For the Press:

Less press stops for plate cleaning and quicker make-ready increases your Overall Equipment Efficiency.

Ready to move to fixed palette printing.

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For Print Quality:

Print flexo with clean vignette and reduced dot bridging.

‘Robust’ highlight dot offering.

Minimize flexo “hard edge”.

Adjust stochastic dot for a smoother finish.

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A More Intuitive Plate Preparation Process

Built on Esko’s expansive flexo expertise, Print Control Wizard guides you through the plate preparation process and automatically creates new Crystal Screening for Esko’s Imaging Engine to rip the file before sending the separated LENx files to the CDI flexo imager and XPS Crystal exposure unit.

Print Control Wizard Benefits for Corrugated

Print Control Wizard reduces press stops for plate cleaning and make ready times. It also enables printers to move to fixed palette printing due to the consistency the software brings on platemaking.

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Flexo Innovations You Won’t See Anywhere Else

Esko is the undisputed global market leader in digital flexo imaging. Esko’s flexo solutions continue to innovate by pushing flexographic print quality to new standards. Flexo plate production has never been this straightforward.

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