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Imaging Engine

Quality, flexibility and power

Imaging Engine - Control dot gain and screening angles

Integration using open standards

Imaging Engine is part of the Esko Software Platform: an integrated set of prepress production tools.

Jobs flow smoothly from one component of the suite to the next, with metadata preserved in production files using the open XMP standard. This avoids time consuming and error-prone re-entry of information.

Control, as you like it

Key RIP parameters such as screening angles and dot gain are all available for setting via the simple “Pilot” interface. In addition, it is possible to create flexible “rules” logic so that these parameters can be automatically set based on the ink name, ink type or other values. Finally, parameters are Smart Name enabled so they can be controlled from other places in Automation Engine or even the MIS system.


PressSync is a system designed to eliminate the problems associated with creating and maintaining custom press curves.

PressSync replaces measured press curves by synchronized curves. These curves are optimized for both offset and flexo printing. That's why they smooth out natural press variation and provide a good fit to the behavior of your press.

PressSync is fully integrated into the Curve Pilot application that is included with Imaging Engine. By linking to an i1iO measuring device, PressSync can calculate the curves needed to match a standard such as ISO or GRACoL. Curves can easily be updated from production sheet measurements. When printing conditions change you can remain in compliance with the printing standard.

Use color management effectively

Keeping your curves and print standard under control makes it simple to use color managed proofing, advanced screening (such as Concentric) and Expanded Gamut Printing.

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