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Imaging Engine

Consistent and high quality output
to any imaging device

Consistent reliable RIP

Imaging Engine is based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine, which is widely used in a variety of devices from proofers, CTP to digital presses, from Esko as well as other companies. Adobe is the industry standard, bringing consistency and predictable results in print.

Ghent PDF Output Suite 5 compliant

Simple to use

Imaging Engine is controlled directly from the same "Pilot" user interface as Automation Engine. The Pilot allows the operator to easily submit and monitor jobs. Files can be submitted to the Imaging Engine with direct control over typical variables such as screen ruling or distortion values.

Imaging Engine - Consistent and reliable RIP

Imaging Engine - Flexo quality

Engineered specifically for flexo

The Imaging Engine comes loaded with screening adapted to flexo: suitable range of dot shapes, angles, rulings… Typical flexo needs such as distortion, bump and dot gain curves are easily managed, and screening can be controlled on an object by object basis.

Reduce errors and waste

Imaging Engine provides powerful quality control tools to digitally verify RIPped data for content and printability before output. Users are able to dramatically reduce waste of plate or proofing materials.

Integration saves time and money

Imaging Engine can be integrated with the other Esko products. For example, screening controls from the prepress editors are passed seamlessly to the RIP.

Using "Smart name" parameters with Automation Engine means that RIP setting of values such as dot gain can be done in a powerful way, even from an MIS system, avoiding double entry of data.

Imaging Engine - Reduce waste and errors
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