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Imaging Engine

Based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine, the Imaging Engine is a high quality, high performance RIP solution.

Imaging Engine:
quality and performance

Based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine, the Imaging Engine is a high quality, high performance RIP solution.

Screening and calibration technologies adapted to flexo are integrated, allowing you to make optimum use of the CDI. Imaging Engine outputs to file and features tools for job verification to reduce waste levels and error rate.

As well as being the perfect RIP solution for the CDI, Imaging Engine can create files in open image formats such as TIFF so it can be used for production in other printing processes such as offset litho and gravure.

Imaging Engine - Quality and performance

Powered by Adobe PDF Print Engine

The Adobe PDF Print Engine provides industry standard rendering of PDFs so you can be confident in the output results, even of complex files with transparency blends and effects. It has a 64 bit multiprocessing software architecture, making optimum use of the latest computer platforms to deliver the performance that your production requires.

Powered by Adobe PDF Print Engine

Esko Bitmap Viewer: Quality control taken to extremes

Bitmap Viewer is a powerful quality control tool that digitally verifies RIPped data for content and printability before output.

Users can preview ruling, angles, traps, line thickness, dot gain, resolution, seamless check, minimum dot size and many more job critical data.

In addition, Esko Bitmap Viewer compares different versions of a job and automatically highlights any differences. Esko Bitmap Viewer clearly shows any mistake before it is output to plate. Bitmap Viewer saves time and considerably reduces waste.


Whether you are printing brochures in offset litho, food pouches in flexo or one of many other print applications, screening is a critical factor in print quality.

Esko has the widest range of halftone screening technologies, each optimized for specific print processes.

Imaging Engine - Bitmap Viewer
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