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HD Letterpress

Imaging for Metal-Backed Plates
Tackle dry offset printing challenges and ensure smooth highlights and precise linework.

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Unsurpassed Dry Offset Quality

HD Letterpress has been upgraded with Inline UV exposure, tailored for steel-back plate making to tackle dry offset printing challenges and ensure smooth highlights, clean text, and precise linework. Create striking designs, even with “wet-on-wet” printing, making your product stand out on the shelf.

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Inline UV and High-Res Optics

Specially Developed Inline UV Head

Use UV LED diodes for dry offset plates, ensuring consistent exposure. Guarantee uniform UV light distribution on every plate area for high quality and consistency.

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High-Resolution Optics

With high-res optics for 4000dpi imaging, generate 3x more pixel data for every printing dot than standard 2400ppi/2540ppi imaging resolutions.

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Detail & Precision

Print more precise images with higher detail sharpness and image contrast. Ensure finer highlights and smoother gradients in the whole tonal scale.

A close-up of the product composition

The Benefits of Working with HD Letterpress

Better Image Quality & Details

Highly improved image quality and details compared to the standard – your cans stand out on the shelves!

Higher Imaging Speed

Up to 6x higher imaging speed than other CTP technologies. This means higher productivity.

Cost Efficient

Up to 50% more cost-effective when compared to other CTP technologies plates.

Sustainable Technology

UV exposure is the present and the future. Traditional bank lights are a thing of the past.

Better Ink Transfer

Less ink build-up means better ink transfer and less print stops for plate cleaning.

Flexo Innovations You Won’t See Anywhere Else

Esko is the undisputed global market leader in digital flexo imaging. Esko’s flexo solutions continue to innovate by pushing flexographic print quality to new standards. Flexo plate production has never been this straightforward.

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