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Flexo Platemaking Automation
Boost your flexo plate production and increase your plate room efficiency.

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Addressing Future Flexo Challenges Today

Customers making increasing demands on your flexo platemaking production? The need to deliver high quality plates as fast as possible can be a major headache. It’s time to increase your efficiency, productivity, and performance – with the help of Esko Flexo Engine.

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Make Plate Marking Simple with Plate ID

Have you been labeling, etching, or handwriting vital print information onto your flexographic plates?

Instead, use Plate ID to add everything from job ID, color references, surface or reverse print instructions and sleeve size to date of manufacture – all without adding to your platemaking process.

Automate the Process of Staggering Cut Plates with Auto Plate Cut

Ditch the hassle of a manual process that uses various tools and takes up to 20 minutes per job.

With Auto Plate Cut, you can save an average of 15 minutes per job, eliminate errors caused by staggered cut bounce, and reduce plate waste.

Plus, Auto Plate Cut takes any stepped PDF file.

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How Flexo Engine Helps


Eliminate the need for multiple tools, with merging functionality.

Save Time

Save time with complete automation, and up to an average of 15 minutes per job with Auto Plate Cut.


Flexo Engine’s intuitive keyboard dashboard helps you simplify operations.


Ensure a connected workflow with enhanced connectivity to third party equipment.


Eliminate manual plate labelling with Innovative new Plate ID.

Flexo Innovations You Won’t See Anywhere Else

Esko is the undisputed global market leader in digital flexo imaging. Esko’s flexo solutions continue to innovate by pushing flexographic print quality to new standards. Flexo plate production has never been this straightforward.

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