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Video: Extended gamut printing with Equinox

Print brand colors accurately with a fixed set of inks

Equinox allows you to easily work with the standard or extended ink set that best meets the needs of the brand owner. Equinox provides complete predictability on the gamut and accuracy you can achieve with any ink set, allowing you to make the optimal choice.

What Customers Say: Imprimerie Statim (FR)

Find out how Imprimerie Statim increases their average print runs while reducing the number of daily change-overs by using Equinox, Esko's expanded gamut printing solution.

Esko Group, part of REVO Digital Flexo Revolution Team

Dan Pulling, Esko Business Development Manager, speaks about the project REVO, whose aim is combining technologies to simplify, automate and consistently produce labels or flexible packing in the most efficient way possible. With Equinox™ colour separation software, Esko offer a total solution for the implementation of extended gamut printing into the Revo Technology.

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