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Print Control Wizard

Deep flexo know-how, now for everybody

Print Control Wizard

Intelligent print parameter wizard

The Print Control Wizard software adds a new level of simplification to the plate-making department.
Operators can use the wizard to quickly create premium flexo plates.

The tool uses all critical print parameters and variables (imaging resolution, exposure settings, plate, substrate, anilox, press type, inks, …) to standardize the generation of Crystal Screens and curves for each application, removing all non-valued added tasks from the process.

Proud Winner of the 2019 EFIA Print Awards
Label Industry Global Award 2019

Measure Gradations

Intuitive user interface unlocks powerful functionality

The Print Control Wizard is part of Esko’s renowned Imaging Engine. It comes with a new intuitive user interface which guides the user through the plate preparation process.

It’s built on Esko’s deep flexo expertise and automatically creates new Crystal Screening for Esko’s Imaging Engine to rip the file before sending the separated LENx files to the CDI flexo imager and XPS Crystal exposure unit.


Print Control Wizard also brings benefits for corrugated

  • PCW increases quality on recycled corrugated materials
  • PCW saves costs by reducing pigment in ink

Costs dictate that recycled low weight Kraft liners are becoming the norm for Corrugated Flexo Post Print. The board liners are decreasing in weight and the recycled content is increasing. This gives rise to specific print problems. The recycled fibers (plastic) repel ink and corrugated fluting marks become visible. PCW brings the solution.


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"Plates with Crystal Screening, that Print Control Wizard generates, offer not only better print quality but this print quality also remains consistent along the production."

Sebastian Longo, President Fotograbados Longo S.A., Argentina

Benefits of using Crystal Screening with the XPS Crystal exposure unit

For the repro process:

  • A Dot Clean Up function removes partial dots (which print dirty on the press)
  • As tints and vignettes print clean, there is a reduced need to consider object-based screening

For the plates:

  • Plates are more consistent with the XPS exposure unit

For the press:

  • Less press stops for plate cleaning and quicker make-ready increases your Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Ready to move to fixed palette printing

For the printing quality:

  • Print flexo with a full clean vignette
  • Reduced dot bridging
  • More 'robust' highlight dot offering
  • Reducing/removing the flexo 'hard edge'
  • Grainy images. Tool to tune the amount of stochastic dot to limit the ‘grainy effect'

Highest quality level possible

A combination of the CDI Crystal, the XPS Crystal, Crystal Screening and the Print Control Wizard gives the highest quality and consistency of plates in the industry. No need for platemaking experts here.

Highest quality level possible

CDI Crystal XPS + Print Control Wizard

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