HD Letterpress

HD Letterpress:
a combination of Inline UV and High res optics

Inline UV

HD Letterpress comes with an digital Inline UV head which is specially developed to hold smallest details on a dry offset plate.

  • It is using UV LED diodes that offer consistency over thousands of operation hours.
  • The special optical system of the Inline UV head makes sure that each area of the plate gets exactly the same amount of UV light.
  • This ensures utmost quality and consistency, from image to image and plate to plate.
HD Letterpress - Inline UV

HD Letterpress - High resolution optics

High resolution optics

HD Letterpress also includes high resolution optics for 4000dpi imaging. This generates three times more pixel data for every printing dot than standard 2400ppi/2540ppi imaging resolutions.

  • The printed image is much more precise, showing much higher detail sharpness and image contrast
  • Much finer highlights and smooth gradients in the whole tonal scale
  • A full tonal range ensures much greater detail throughout
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