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Flexo Engine

Your ultimate automation solution

Boost your flexo plate production by gaining merging functionality, automation and a host of innovative features to increase your plate room efficiency

Tomorrow’s flexo software for today’s challenges

Customers making increasing demands on your flexo plate making production? The need to deliver high quality plates in the fastest time possible can be a major headache. It’s time to increase your efficiency, productivity and performance – with the help of Esko Flexo Engine, of course.

  • Eliminate the need for multiple tools, with merging functionality
  • Save time in the flexo platemaking process with complete automation
  • Simplify your operations with intuitive keyboard dashboard
  • Ensure a connected workflow with enhanced Connectivity to third party equipment
  • Save an average of 15 minutes per job with Auto Plate Cut
  • Eliminate manual plate labelling with Innovative new Plate ID

Make plate marking
simple with Plate ID

Have you been labeling, etching, or even handwriting vital print information onto your flexographic plates? What a pain. Instead – why not automate the accurate and permanent marking of your plates with Plate ID?

Add everything from job ID, color references, surface or reverse print instructions and sleeve size to date of manufacture – all without adding to your platemaking process.

  • Remove the risk of ink loss during cleaning, scratching or engraving
  • Remove human error from your marking process
  • Eliminate the risk of manual errors when first adding information
  • Minimize waste – plate identification can be added inside the design area
  • Improve operator efficiency by reducing time taken searching for correct plates
  • All benefits are available to anyone using the Esko XPS software suite.


In my opinion, with Plate ID, we can now implement one simple, elegant and consistent identification standard across our production facility.

Shahe Kavlakian, Executive Manager – Prepress, NDigitec

Save time and minimize waste with Auto Plate Cut

Yes – you want to eliminate press bounce and increase production speeds, and staggering cut plates helps you achieve this. But should the manual process of setting up a staggered cut job involve various tools and take an operator anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes, for each individual job?

It doesn’t need to with Auto Plate Cut. Instead, the process is automated to take any stepped PDF file.

This means you can

  • Save time – Auto Plate Cut saves an average of 15 minutes per job. Based on 1000 jobs per year, automating this task can save you around 250 hours each year!
  • Eliminate errors caused by staggered cut bounce, and reduce plate waste
  • Ensure every user benefits – Auto Plate Cut takes any stepped PDF file
  • Plus, all the standard controls from ArtPro+ Plate Cut are now in a single Flexo Engine ticket