Digital Flexo Suite

Digital Flexo Suite modules

Digital Flexo Suite comes in 3 different flavors:

  • Digital Flexo Suite for Labels
  • Digital Flexo Suite for Flexible Packaging
  • Digital Flexo Suite for Corrugated

All predefined Digital Flexo Suite bundles include following modules:
  • PlatePrep allows to merge bitmap files onto one plate and to simultaneously drive several CDIs. It returns a detailed plate manufacturing report for each imaged plate.
  • Kongsberg Cutting Table Connection enables plate cutting information to be sent to a Kongsberg digital cutting table. It reduces plate wastage through elimination of human error and human inaccuracy.
  • Hotfolder functionality permits automating basic functions of the Digital Flexo Suite.
  • Bitmap Viewer serves Quality Control prior to imaging (viewing of Bitmap files).

Digital Flexo Suite for Corrugated also contains the PlatePatcher module: PlatePatcher analyses large bitmap files to create small plate slugs with printing information. The mounting location is sent out the Kongsberg (Plot & Cut workflow). Please see optional features for supported mounting devices.

Both PlatePrep and PlatePatcher can be purchased as a separate module.

Plate savings with Digital Flexo Suite

Automatic platemaking for flexible packaging & labels workflows

For flexible packaging & labels workflows there's the Automated Flexo Platemaking module in Automation Engine. It allows running a fully automated workflow.

Automatic platemaking in Automation Engine
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