The easiest way to produce flexo plates:
CDI Crystal

The CDI Crystal establishes the foundation for the complete integration and automation of plate exposure and UV exposure.

Producing the perfect plate

The Esko CDI Crystal is the basis for an impressive reduction of complexity in the plate room.

The new imager works with Crystal Technology, and is designed to connect seamlessly with the XPS Crystal digital UV exposure device.

The Esko CDI Crystal produces the perfect plate for all the flexo print applications that require high print output and stability on press.

CDI Crystal 5080
7 reasons to work with an Esko flexo platemaking workflow

7 reasons to work with an Esko flexo plate making workflow

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CDI Crystal 4835
CDI Crystal 4835

Plates up to 48” x 35” / 1200 x 900 mm or smaller

CDI Crystal 5080
CDI Crystal 5080

Plates up to 50” x 80” / 1270 x 2032 mm or smaller


Improved ergonomics

Improved ergonomics help operators work faster


Ready for further plate room automation


Based on proven Esko CDI laser imaging technology & high resolution optics

CDI Crystal 4835 XPS

Removing complexity through automation

The combination of the CDI Crystal with the XPS Crystal exposing unit offers a perfect, consolidated flexo platemaking workflow. The CDI Crystal XPS excels in efficiency and offers distinct benefits:

  • Reduce manual steps by 50%
  • Reduce errors by 50% – less plate waste
  • Reduce operator time with 73%

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Flexo macro

Flexo innovations you won’t see anywhere else

Esko is the undisputed global market leader in digital flexo imaging. Esko's flexo solutions continue to innovate by pushing flexographic print quality to new standards. Flexo plate production has never been this straight forward.

What's more, Esko is the only independent expert that covers the entire scope of flexo platemaking. Esko flexo plate making solutions are open to all brands of digital plates and sleeves used in the industry.

A globally deployed service staff of more than 500 help improve customer processes and guarantee maximal uptime. What’s more, Esko offers a range of all-in flexible financing solutions.

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