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DeskPack PowerTrapper

Trapping Plugin for Adobe® Illustrator®
Save time, reduce manual intervention, and achieve consistent trapping results.

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PowerTrapper for Adobe® Illustrator®

Automatically trap files in seconds with basic specs and fine-tune with object-based exceptions for top print quality. Add white underprint in a few clicks. Achieve higher first-time success with aesthetic trapping, minimizing interactive adjustments. Seamless updates ensure trapping exceptions are preserved.

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Professional Quality Trapping

DeskPack PowerTrapper, an Adobe® Illustrator® plugin, uses Esko’s renowned trapping technology.

With over twenty years of experience, it handles any packaging design challenge and is available as both a Client and Standalone version.

The standalone version traps directly within Illustrator ®, while the Client version traps in the background, allowing Illustrator ® to prepare the next job.

Full Trapping Within a Separate Trapping Layer

Trap objects, editable text, special fills, transparency, gradients, and images with PowerTrapper.

It supports technical inks, special inks, and varnish areas, ensuring perfect printing.

Traps are placed on a separate, editable layer, allowing non-destructive modifications without affecting the original design.

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White Underprint

Add a white underprint to your file in a few clicks. 

Select an ink name and choke distance to automatically create the correct object in a separate layer based on the artwork.

Quickly create finishing layers for varnishes, embossing, and more.

Central Storage of Trapping Profiles

Access centrally stored trapping profiles with PowerTrapper. Create new profiles for specific customers or job types using the ticket editor.

All operators share all trapping tickets, guaranteeing consistently high-quality trapping, anytime, anywhere, by anyone. 

Exceptional situations can be anticipated by defining trapping rules within the trapping profiles. This unique concept eliminates further operator intervention.

Get Started with PowerLayout

The ‘PowerLayout for Illustrator’ bundle offers dedicated step and repeat functionality, combined with PDF import and the ability to add dynamic marks.

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