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DeskPack PowerLayout

Step & Repeat Plugin for Adobe® Illustrator®
Dedicated step and repeat functionality, combined with PDF import and the ability to add dynamic marks.

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DeskPack PowerLayout Features

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Step and Repeat Layouts

Specify the number of repeats, gaps, head turns, and staggering options.

Attach repetition blocks to build multiple label repetitions. Use the Dynamic Marks plugin to add dynamic printer marks.

Save finished plate layouts with printer marks for future use, allowing automatic adjustment when relinking to new files.

Seamless Repeat

Seamless Repeat for Adobe® Illustrator® calculates spacing and repeat numbers for input graphics and cylinder size, wrapping designs correctly.

Create patterns in Illustrator® with the Seamless Repeat functionality.

Typical use cases are wallpaper, laminates, upholstery, vinyl flooring, and more.

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Dynamic Marks

Upgrade Illustrator® art to Dynamic Marks for reuse across all files. Dynamic Marks adapt in color and position based on file characteristics.

Add text marks displaying separation, user, file, or job information, along with gradation strips, bearer bars, and cut marks.

All marks stay fully editable to fit production variables and remain dynamic for future adjustments.

Import PDF

Secure file round-tripping between Adobe® Illustrator® and ArtPro+.

Import PDFs with Esko-specific information in Adobe® Illustrator® without losing layers, separations, or screening information.

This functionality improves the conversion of Normalized PDF files to Illustrator® format, keeping the file editable.

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Get Started with PowerLayout

The ‘PowerLayout for Illustrator’ bundle offers dedicated step and repeat functionality, combined with PDF import and the ability to add dynamic marks.

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