Professional quality trapping for Adobe® Illustrator®

No printer can assure a job will be printed well without sufficient trapping. DeskPack PowerTrapper, an Adobe® Illustrator® plugin, is based on the Esko’s trapping technology, considered one of the best in the industry. Backed by more than twenty years of trapping experience, PowerTrapper is ready to handle any packaging design challenge. It is available as a Client version and as a Standalone version.

With DeskPack PowerTrapper standalone, trapping is done without ever leaving Adobe® Illustrator®. And, while the PowerTrapper Client is trapping a design in the background with blazing speed, Adobe® Illustrator® is immediately available to start preparing the next job.

Full trapping within a separate trapping layer

With PowerTrapper, an operator can trap objects, editable text, special fills, transparency, gradients, and process and spot color images together to assure a perfect job, independent of how it is printed. A full set of highly interactive trapping tools covers all contingencies, with support for technical inks, special inks, varnish areas – everything needed to complete a packaging design for print.

PowerTrapper is luminance-based vector trapping software, in which all traps are placed on a separate trapping layer with editable trapping objects – on top of the original design within Adobe® Illustrator®. This is “non-destructive” trapping, because it does not destroy the original artwork. Thus, traps can be viewed and modified – or even deleted – without fear of affecting the integrity of the original.

Unique features such as central storage of trapping profiles

PowerTrapper is operated with access to centrally available trapping profiles. The ticket editor creates new, additional trapping profiles for specific customers or specific job types. All operators share all trapping tickets, guaranteeing consistently high-quality trapping, anytime, anywhere, by anyone. With other trapping applications exception areas are often corrected after trapping, leading to extra, unproductive editing time. But, with PowerTrapper, exceptional situations can be anticipated by defining trapping rules within the trapping profiles. This unique concept eliminates further operator intervention.

White Underprint

This bundle also includes White Underprint functionality. Add a white underprint to your file in a few clicks. Choose an inkname and a choke-distance and automatically the correct object will be created in a separate layer based on the selected artwork. This tool can also be used to quickly create finishing layers (varnishes, embossing...)

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