Step and repeat layouts made easy

Specify the number of repeats, the step or gap in between the one-ups, head turns if needed or even apply staggering. Attach repetition blocks relative to each other, to build repetitions of multiple labels. Use the included Dynamic Marks plugin to add dynamic printer marks to your repetition.

Save finished plate layouts with printer marks for future work. The plugin allows relinking to new files, and all printer marks will be automatically adjusted.

Seamless repeat

Gravure and flexo cylinders often need to print continuously, without a visible seam. Based on the input graphics and cylinder size, Seamless Repeat for Adobe® Illustrator® calculates the correct spacing and repeat numbers to properly wrap any design around the particular cylinder. Typical use cases are wallpaper, laminates, upholstery, vinyl flooring…

Create seamless patterns in Illustrator with the Seamless Repeat functionality.

deskpack dynamic marks

Dynamic Marks

This bundle also comes with Dynamic Marks. This functionality helps you generate proofing marks, print marks and registration marks in Illustrator in the most intuitive way.

Upgrade Illustrator® art to a Dynamic Mark and reuse it on all your files. The color and positions of the Dynamic Marks will adapt to the characteristics of the file. Add text marks that display separation, user, file or job information. Add gradation strips, bearer bars and cut marks from a list of Standard Marks. The marks will stay fully editable to fit your production variables. After applying a Dynamic Mark Set on a single file or step and repeat, all marks remain dynamic which means you can load these at any time.

DeskPack-Powerlayout 3

Handling normalized PDFs

DeskPack PowerLayout also comes with the PDF import plugin to ensure that Normalized PDF files are handled correctly.

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