ArtPro Features for Efficient Packaging Prepress on Mac

  • Please note, ArtPro 64-bit is available in the November release of Esko Software Platform!
  • Input of Adobe PostScript3 and PDF 1.6 to ArtPro.
  • Input of ArtiosCAD files and from the Esko Studio Toolkits (Collada, bag).
  • The Preflight tool verifies your design against a profile and generates an interactive report.
  • Strong color separation tools can convert process inks, custom inks (such as Pantone) into any required ink, as well for linework as for images.
  • Create an environment of color predictability: share color information in ArtPro, PackEdge, Plato, but also in Adobe® Illustrator®; and Adobe® Photoshop®. See also the Color Engine.
  • Instant Trapper and PowerTrapper are the industry leading trapping algorithms.
  • Interactive creation of barcodes.
  • Import and exports Normalized PDF’s to be used in other Software Suite 10 solutions.

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