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The next generation prepress editor continues to evolve


What’s new in 23.07

Streamline your approval cycles

Take full control of your approval cycles by seamlessly connecting your prepress operations with your customers using our complimentary gateway to Esko Share & Approve.

  • Enjoy 50 complimentary approval cycles per month
  • Share files, automate workflows, gather approvals, track milestones
  • Upload PDF files to share with colleagues and customers
  • View and review your files directly in ArtPro+

What’s new in 23.03

Seamlessly connect your prepress to your customers with a complimentary gateway to Esko Share & Approve (pre-release)

View and review your files directly in ArtPro+:

  • Upload PDF files to share with colleagues and customers 
  • Create and review annotations made by others
  • Kick start approval cycles

Import JDF files directly from Phoenix – the market leading solution for optimising print layouts

Layouts from Phoenix can now seamlessly be opened in ArtPro+, introducing a non-destructive file exchange. Maintain critical links to product PDFs and metadata, such as ink order and screening, and product and job information

Enhanced gradient effects

New gradient effects enable your special design features to blend together – including objects or multiple colors.

  • ArtPro+ 23.03 is introducing two types of effects, allowing you to create shapes with color blendings
  • Inner Gradient
  • Outer Gradient

What’s new in 22.11

GMG OpenColor Connector

Switch to a non-destructive color conversion process with the combined technology of Esko PDF editing and GMG OpenColor.

  • Save up to 60 minutes per job with automatic reseparation of multi-color image and vector data – removing the need for manual color matching.
  • Gain flexibility to optimize for various print requirements with selection-based conversion
  • Easily assess color deviations on screen
  • Continue editing your file even after color conversion

Dynamic Subscriptions

Simplify global management and distribution of licenses across all sites with our new cloud-based licensing model for on-premise applications.

  • Eliminate time consuming and costly license transfers. Licenses no longer belong to the individual but can be accessed by anyone in the ‘pool’ at any time until you reach your limit of purchased licenses. Once the user closes the application, the license goes back into the ‘pool’.
  • Allow for efficient and flexible license usage, including shift work, occasional usage and distribution across regions.
  • Reduce the need for license administration by IT or prepress managers – use online cloud portal and services to easily assign a pool of licenses to a group of users from any location.

What’s new in 22.07

Printing unit support

Reduce errors and reprints with easy management of surface and reverse-printed packaging and labels.

  • Minimize error risk by working with only one file, whether you’re printing design surface or reverse.
  • Easily control production flow by adding printing unit information. Manage the behavior of marks, mirroring the output, or naming of output files – all without jeopardizing the PDF viewing experience.

Fix thin parts

Save time and eliminate errors by correcting and enhancing thin parts with a single click.

  • Cut time spent enhancing small parts, whilst ensuring thin text and small features of graphics always appear correctly in print.
  • Avoid reprints due to missed objects causing poor print quality – you can easily specify object width standards, and automatically detect parts that require enhancement.
  • Take care of Asian glyphs and generic thin parts quickly and effortlessly, with two dedicated correction modes.

Seamless repeat

Say goodbye to time-consuming trial and error – create seamless layouts in a flash.

  • Speed up the generation of graphical arrangements for seamless printing for blister packs and foils – create them automatically, at the click of a button.
  • Make design amends easily, without worrying about spoiling your seamless layout.
  • Choose your preferred layout from several instantly generated seamless arrangements.

What’s new in 22.03

Next generation Color Preflight

With next generation Color Preflight, you can.

  • Avoid the production of unsellable materials due to color defect
  • Eliminate manual color matching and speed up your entire workflow
  • Check not only solid colors, but the individual design itself

ArtPro+ Digital

  • A brand new native PDF editor for preparation of packaging and label artworks for digital printing
  • Running on Mac and PC it offers extended set of dedicated features and QA tools to dramatically reduce prepress work per press run

Esko desktop apps run native on Apple Silicon

Following the launch of Apple’s Silicon architecture in 2021, and the subsequent roll out across its devices – which includes the Mac, MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini – all Esko desktop applications can now run natively on this new architecture.

Full CAD-graphics integration

  • Full CAD-graphics integration for folding carton workflows.
  • Connect the graphics and structural silos
  • Use synergies to speed up job turnaround and reduce errors

Whats new in 21.11

Digitize and simplify plate identification

In combination with Esko Flexo Engine simply convert graphics into Plate ID objects to use as a non-printed marking.

  • Easily automate the content and placement of your Plate ID information
  • Use the mark interactively or within your Automation Engine workflow
  • Avoid unintentionally printing ID content – with unique PDF ISO 19593-1 processing steps
ArtPro+ Layout

Next generation Step & Repeat Editor

  • CAD-based sheet layout functionality aka PowerStepper
  • Crucial prepress functionality to validate received packaging artwork such as Preflight, Inspectors, QA viewing
  • Tools to create
    • Marksets
    • Report Maker Templates
    • VDP templates
    • Barcodes

A new trapping engine

The new trapper handles highly complex packaging designs. ArtPro+ can trap files fully automatically. Exceptions can be saved and will be used after a change is made to the file, so there’s no need to retrap the whole file.

  • Trap jobs 80% faster!
  • Fully automated trapping
  • Fully customizable
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