ArtPro+ comes with smart tools to increase your productivity

Adaptation of incoming artwork


ArtPro+ offers most industry wide used barcode types, including the GS1 compliant codes.

ArtPro+ barcodes



ArtPro+ offers expert trapping functionality with the Instant Trapper and Automatic Trapper. Trapping becomes a matter of minutes, even on graphics with opacity masks. Read more about trapping.

ArtPro+: packaging at its core

Step & Repeat ArtPro+

PDF Action Lists

Do it once in the editor and repeat it many times with an Action List. This automation can be done by anyone without any special know-how or IT skills. This feature means a productivity boost for every operator.

Integration with Extensis Universal Type Server

All operators are able to have the same font loaded to achieve quality output for designs with copy changes. ArtPro+ is only editor in the market with Extensis’ Universal Type Server (UTS) integration, other than Adobe. As a result, prepress professionals don’t lose time searching and managing fonts locally for the many different designs they are working on every day. This also avoids font-related prepress errors.

Active use of ArtiosCAD intelligence

ArtPro+ is the only editor that actively uses the CAD intelligence of the structural design. This means that the same file can be used for any output. In other editors, output for specific purposes such as proof, reporting, production and finishing require a variant of the master file. ArtPro+ leverages the intelligence of the CAD data to maintain just a single file for all output purposes, eliminating file duplication, errors and the need for redundant tasks.

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