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ArtPro+: The next generation prepress editor

ArtPro+ is a native PDF editor for packaging prepress. With ArtPro+ you can work directly on PDF files. ArtPro+ comes with a solid set of editing features to prepare artwork for printing production.

How will prepress change in the future?

What are the packaging trends driving prepress workflow today? How can we act upon these changes and make the live of prepress operators easier. Jan De Roeck, Director solutions Management explains how ArtPro+ can help.

Getting started with ArtPro+

A brief introduction to ArtPro+'s exciting new features.

Clean GUI in ArtPro+

With a new, clean GUI ArtPro+ allows you to focus on the job at hand.

Screening in ArtPro+

Make different screening sets and save them as presets. Easily apply and check your screening sets with the Screening Inspector.

Trapping in ArtPro+

ArtPro+ brings you a new trapping interface for faster and easier interactive trapping.

Page boxes & Separations in ArtPro+

ArtPro+ lets you view and edit Page boxes in an intuitive way. In the Separations side panel you can easily add, remove, register and map inks, or convert to CMYK.

Intuitive Cleaning Tool in ArtPro+

ArtPro+ comes with a set of new, selection based cleaning tools.

Step & Repeat in ArtPro+

Quickly make a Step & Repeat from selected one-ups. Adjustments to the one-ups are automatically applied to the entire Step & Repeat.

Preflighting with Enfocus PitStop technology in ArtPro+

Preflight artwork files by accessing the Enfocus PitStop Profiles installed on your local system. Easily fix all listed errors and verify the result by rerunning the profile.

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