What’s new in i-cut Suite 12.1?

New in i-cut Layout 12.1

True shape nesting

Quality improvements of the true shape nesting algorithms:

  • Margin of half the gutter value at the edges of the sheet is removed, graphics will be placed with their cut path directly on the sheet margins
  • Nesting start point no longer influences the end result
  • Several bug fixes resulting in more optimized layouts and fewer material waste

Extend graphics

New functionality in the graphics preparation module:

  • Extends the graphic and its cut path by mirroring data around the original cut path
  • When graphics are double sided, data from the back graphic is used to create the hem.

  • Perfect for banners, flags or canvas prints that require a printed hem.

New PDF layout report in export production files

  • PDF contains a preview & dummy colors layer and description of the layout and placed graphics (sizes, substrate, run length, waste %, graphics and quantities)
  • For double sided layouts, a small preview of the backside layout is shown with backing up method.

Open ArtiosCAD MFG files

  • It is now possible to open ArtiosCAD MFG files in i-cut Layout to assign artwork on the CAD outlines and generate production output.
  • Perfect for the production of displays.

New mark “Clone cut path”

  • Makes a copy of the cut path, with a positive or negative offset
  • Use cases: to create a varnish or white underprint area based on the cut path. The mark can be applied both on graphic or on layout level.
  • By the way, this SmartMark can also be used in Automation Engine in automated workflows.

New i-cut Marks functionality

  • New option “add marks on front and back”
  • Copies the i-cut marks on the back side of the layouts
  • Jobs can now also be registered for finishing from the back side
  • Use case: corrugated sheets that are first creased from the back side, re-board v-cutting
  • When adding an i-cut barcode, the 2 marks in front of the barcode can be added to the regmark layer of the i-cut file
  • When this option is enabled, the i-cut camera will automatically find the position of the first and all other registration marks
  • This ensures that even if the printed jobs are stacked in a rotated way, the table will nevertheless cut the job in perfect registration without interruptions.

New tiling functionality

  • Creating a Tiling grid with fixed tile sizes
    When setting up a tiling grid based on the graphic’ size, you can enter a specific height and width for each tile. This value is now no longer modified to make all tiles equal in size. A warning icon is displayed in case the last tiles are smaller-sized than the others
  • You can now specify bleed around the outer tiles when setting up tiling. By doing so, your graphic will get scaled to match the original grid size plus the bleed around.
  • This ensures there is original data around the outer tiles, so you don’t have to clone pixels to add bleed.

What's new in i-cut Preflight 12.1?

Redraw path tool 

New tool to redraw parts of a path Use case: improve cut paths for better finishing by removing small bumps and imperfection.

OS support

i-cut Preflight 12.1 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Windows 8.1