What is Dynamic Variable Data Printing for Illustrator?

Dynamic VDP for Illustrator allows you to easily create and work with Variable Data Printing jobs (VDP) on a digital printing press. Dynamic VDP for Illustrator is designed specifically for variable data printing in packaging applications such as labels and folding cartons.

Creating a Variable Data Printing workflow

First of all, the VDP master file (“template”) containing static and VDP objects, is created using the step by step user interface of Dynamic VDP for Illustrator to define the variable placeholder fields as text, barcodes or images.

Then, the master file is expanded to variable instances to be printed, by adding a database of the variable data. This expansion can be done

  • Direct in Adobe® Illustrator®
  • By sending the job to a compatible Digital press Front-End (DFE)
  • By sending the job to an Esko Automation Engine.