What's new in Suite 14?

Suite 14 is here

Suite 14 is an update of the world’s most complete collection of preproduction software tools for packaging, signage and display production. 

Suite 14 supports and manages the packaging and print processes at brand owners, retailers, designers, packaging manufacturers and print service providers.

Suite 14 is hereSuite 14 - focus on 5 key directions

Suite 14 focuses on 5 key directions in the future of packaging workflows

  • Superior quality:  

    The focus of a prepress operator shifts entirely to quality checking: once to obtain customer approval of a design and a second time just before the press starts. Interactive tools dedicated to check quality will simplify the task.

  • Interactive editing is task driven:

    Quality checking, exception handling and building smart templates are the three main tasks for the prepress operator.
    New cross platform software apps will provide for a task-driven user experience.

    Only the tools required for a task are on the operator’s desktop (or tablet). Intelligent wizards guide the operator through expert processes.


  • Improved workflow automation:

    Smart workflow tickets route designs automatically to a press-ready printing plate. Workflow automation will stretch beyond printing and finishing and integrates with logistics at the end of the line.

    Operator interaction is limited to exception handling and quality checking. Open industry standards enable integration with business systems and data silo’s, regardless of physical location. Cloud based packaging management systems interface with prepress workflow serves in open and transparent way.

  • Smart templates:

    The basis for a lights-out workflow is a smart design template. Content is strictly separated from creation: the designer determines the looks of the pack “by example” and within a brand guidelines framework.
    Critical content resides securely in the cloud-based packaging management system of the brand owner. No more ‘copy and paste’ in Adobe Illustrator but linking smart objects to secure and approved content in a database. This level of automation guarantees brand consistency and legal compliance at a maximum productivity and shortest time to market.


  • Online supply chain integration:

    Smart templates and workflow tickets connect prepress to all stakeholders involved. Operations run virtually anywhere in the world, in a home office or even on the road. Integrated packaging-savvy production and asset management systems dramatically improve time to market and reduced cost.