Save money with color management for your digital printer

Save drastically on your ink spending with Esko’s brand new automatic ink reduction module.

Optimize your signage and display production by plugging the ‘Ink Saving’ task in your automated workflow.

Reduce the amount of the chromatic inks (CMY) on your inkjet proofer or large format printer while compensating by increasing black ink, As a result, less ink is used overall.


Benefits of ink saving

  • Reduce your costs dramatically
  • Standardize your production workflow
  • Reduce color variations by applying color management


How does it work?

Much like Undercolor Removal (UCR) and Gray Component Replacement (GCR), the Ink Saving algorithm takes CMY away and replaces them with black (K) but without compromising the print results.

More about UCR/GCR

Undercolor removal (UCR) and Gray Component Replacement (GCR) are techniques used in the separation of color for reproduction on a four color printing press.

Undercolor removal (UCR) is the process of reducing yellow, magenta, and cyan dot values wherever black is printed. Gray Component Replacement is the act of substituting a quantity of black for the grey component.



About Automation Engine

The Ink Saving functionality is part of a color management module on Automation Engine, Esko’s automated prepress workflow server. On top of automated color management, Automation Engine offers also preflight and nesting functionality for an optimized signage and display production workflow. Read more here.