What's new in WebCenter 14?

WebCenter 14 What's new

WebCenter is a unique and powerful web-based platform to manage packaging pre-production approval and project life cycle. With WebCenter you increase the response time and improve the efficiency of collaborating.

In this new release, we have made significant improvements in the following domains:



Packaging Specification Management

WebCenter specification
  • More configuration options and more dynamic controls:
    the WebCenter form is enhanced with more packaging specific items to specify a packaging type and its components when making requests. This results in a better user experience and less errors.
  • List manager for easy import of data from external sources
  • Button Control support in form
  • Document selection from pre-set document library in WebCenter


WebCenter attributes


WebCenter process

Packaging Process Management

  • Role Enhancement to support easy task delegation
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Framework & Multi-LDAP:
    This brings WebCenter under corporate user management policy and it results in a better user experience without compromising security.
  • Support for more batch operations
  • A new workflow node has been implemented, dedicated to project creation, which makes it easy to manage campaigns, product launches and complex orders.
WebCenter Single Sign On


WebCenter approval

Packaging Approval Management

  • The WebCenter viewer is rebuilt using HTML 5 technology, which supports viewing on Android devices
  • Full approval feedback on My Work page
  • Reassign approvers on a running approval cycle
  • More control on approval and annotations


WebCenter More control on Approval and Annotations


WebCenter asset

Packaging Asset Management

  • Easy asset copy/link from saved searches at Project Creation:
    Now you can predefine a search and call that search when looking for an asset to link, copy or move.
  • One Click Asset download from My Approval
  • Auto attribute filling by Automation Engine


WebCenter One Click Asset download from My Approval


General Enhancements

Webcenter icon
  • The WebCenter application is now a 64 bit application to enhance the reliability and performance of WebCenter under heavy load
  • More control & test on Workflow engine
  • Export/Import of attribute category, sets, task types, etc.
  • Auto Set Project Thumbnails


WebCenter More control & test on Workflow engine