What's new in Imaging Engine 14?

What's new in Imaging Engine 14?

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Imaging Engine is the RIP solution for the CDI: offering performance, reliability and compatibility with open industry standards.

Imagine Engine 14 focuses on 3 specific areas:

  1. Integration
  2. Quality
  3. Secure migration roadmap



  • integration between RIP and Esko Automation Engine
  • integrated viewer for QC either standalone or via Automation Engine
  • XMP data in output files (visible in viewer) provides traceability of critical parameters
  • LEN format and CDI integration assures efficiency (smaller files) and quality (communication of data such as Automatic Beam Selection)


Imaging Engine 14 integrated



Imaging Engine 14 designed for quality
  • Adobe certified FlexRip kernel, migrating to Adobe PDF Print Engine starting mid 2014
  • Comprehensive range of screening for high quality in offset and flexo
  • Continual new development of screening (HD Flexo, Pixel+ for example)
  • Tools to efficiently manage dot gain (Curve Pilot, PressSync)


Imaging Engine 14 designed for quality 


Secure migration roadmap

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  • Existing FlexRip and Nexus products will migrate to Imaging Engine (powered by Adobe APPE, the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine)
  • After migration, existing RIP kernel can be retained for rerun of files preserving the same screening
  • Ongoing Esko support and service policy


Imaging Engine 14 migration roadmap