What's new in i-cut Layout 14?

What's new in i-cut Layout 14?

In this release, we proudly present the first version of i-cut Layout+.
As part of this upgrade, you will therefore receive 2 licenses:

  • A license for i-cut Layout 14.0
    A maintenance update containing bug fixes and quality improvements: True shape nesting algorithms will now parallelize the calculation on all available cores. This will reduce the calculation times.
  • A license for i-cut Layout+
    A brand new editor, installable on a separate computer



  • An extra layout editor that can be installed on another machine - mac or windows – next to your current i-cut Layout seat
  • Very easy to use, resulting in short learning curve
  • Designed specifically for signage production
  • Faster and more productive
  • Small cost of ownership due to subscription licensing


Introducing i-cut Layout+

introducing i-cut Layout+

  • Built on a brand new application framework
  • Installs on Mac and Windows (64-bit only)
  • Simple yet smart User Experience

introducing i-cut Layout+

Task-oriented User Interface

  • User interface shows only the tools and info that are relevant for the task-at-hand.

task oriented user interface


Supported operating systems

supported operating systems